Oh the weekend…

So, I figured I’d join in the fray with my take on the whole “I am” thing:

I am

In other news, I’m going to Council Bluffs, IA this weekend to visit my fiancé (notice the cool little accent over the e? my site is now UTF-8). More wedding planning will ensue. This also means I’ll be using OSX to connect to the internet because linuxant’s drivers don’t work worth a darn for me and my iBook G4 (maybe I’m just doing something wrong, which is a very good possibility).

Coaster is starting to take shape. I’m looking into how to integrate libburn into it so maybe it will blank CD’s by the end of this coming week. That’d be fun!

Laundry night

That’s right, last night was laundry night, but really, for Coaster, it was all weekend. I cleaned up the icon changing stuff. I now have a program-wide Gtk::IconTheme and Gnome::UI::ThumbnailFactory which store Gdk::Pixbuf refptrs into a std::map for quick lookup. It actually works pretty slick. I’ll get it uploaded as soon as harshy gets our arch repo (which I screwed up) fixed. Hopefully that’ll be within the next few days.

Speaking of harshy, he uploaded new screenshots which were made of the latest Coaster using gtkmm 2.4.

The remainder of this week should be spent working on more fixups for Coaster’s GUI as well as finding a reception spot for my wedding in August and a hotel for that night. Finding a honeymoon suite in Omaha, NE online is harder than you think (or maybe I’m just looking in the wrong spots).

Burning Coasters

Coaster development has started moving lately. harshy has just updated the site with screenshots of the GUI and how to download all the parts of Coaster (that don’t really do much right now).

Lately, my work has been on getting icon themes to work with the GUI of Coaster. It works, but it’s still too slow for my tastes. For the past few days, I’ve been planning out a mechanism that caches icon themes in a std::map for quick lookup based on mime-type. I know, I know… I should be focusing on getting session removing and other important things working, but this was too much fun :).

I still don’t have a release of libpanelappletmm ready. I think I’ll either get that out tonite or tomorrow (at the latest). Oh, and I’m on Planet GNOME now. It’s quite exciting.

Tonite will be spent babysitting (yeah, people let me watch their kids… it’s pretty scary), but hopefully I won’t be too wiped after that to finish that release. And for the record, I love September a ton!


Today is the day. The GNOME Platform Bindings 2.6 release is today. Murray already has the c++ bindings tarballs released and ready to go, and I’m working on ebuilds for breakmygentoo.net.

I’ve been working on Coaster’s GUI pretty heavily lately, and harshy has the new website up. I hope to get a release out of the GUI soon, and hopefully we’ll have a working version sometime in the next few months.

In related news, I’m going to work on libpanelappletmm today and hopefully get a release for the 2.6 series. It should be fun, and I don’t think it should be too hard.

Wedding bells and decorations….

That’s right, I’m in Council Bluffs this weekend visiting my lovely fiance. It looks like Murray put up the new Bindings release, and it’s finally solidifying. Even though this weekend is spent in OSX and working on wedding stuff, I still can’t get GNOME off my brain :). We finally have the rehearsal dinner all planned out (except where we’re going to have it), and most of the decorations are bought (I think). We went and visited the church today, and we didn’t realize this, but the colors of the church match the colors that September picked for our wedding. Well, it’s 1:05 AM (but, if you add an hour for the spring forward thing, it’s 2:05 AM), so I had better get to bed. I’ll be back to working on API and Coaster again on Monday.