Burning Coasters

Coaster development has started moving lately. harshy has just updated the site with screenshots of the GUI and how to download all the parts of Coaster (that don’t really do much right now).

Lately, my work has been on getting icon themes to work with the GUI of Coaster. It works, but it’s still too slow for my tastes. For the past few days, I’ve been planning out a mechanism that caches icon themes in a std::map for quick lookup based on mime-type. I know, I know… I should be focusing on getting session removing and other important things working, but this was too much fun :).

I still don’t have a release of libpanelappletmm ready. I think I’ll either get that out tonite or tomorrow (at the latest). Oh, and I’m on Planet GNOME now. It’s quite exciting.

Tonite will be spent babysitting (yeah, people let me watch their kids… it’s pretty scary), but hopefully I won’t be too wiped after that to finish that release. And for the record, I love September a ton!

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  1. Looks really good, just a few remarks:

    1. Please tell me that Coaster uses Gnome’s toolbar settings and the default is not to have the text next to the icons. 🙂

    2. Please vertically align the "650 MB etc" with the above progress widget. You might even want to put the Size next to the prgress bar instead of underneath it. There is quite some space to fit on a default 640pix window.

    3. Is the "Size of CD" really-really needed? I mean, when I popup a CD on my Mac OS X or on Windows none of the apps I use ask me what CD that is. They are able to recognize it themselves and burn accordingly…

    I would like this automation on Linux/unix as well.

    4. The dialogs have unaturally huge bold fonts:


    Please do use bold, but not enlarge the default font.

    5. The "This document has unsaved changes. Would you like to save it? Document:" does not make sense to me. Are you talking about the Burning Project or a document inside the selection? It is just not clear.

    6. If I click to burn "Data" will Coaster automatically recognize that something is a Cue file or a bootable ISO image instead of just files, and will it burn them accordingly?

    Thank you for Coaster. I am looking forward to it.

  2. In response:

    1. Coaster uses GNOME’s toolbar settings.

    2. The cd size choice is now done in a Gtk::ComboBox that is vertically aligned with the ProgressBar ;).

    3. I’ll check with the libburn guys, but I think that we can do what you’re suggesting, but I would still want that ComboBox because what if I’m making a layout to use later?

    4. The dialogs will be fixed.

    5. I’ll fix the clarity of the document saving dialog. Basically, this is to save layouts to disc.

    6. We’ll have a file menu option to burn ISO’s and Cues. When you click to burn Data, it will burn files to the CD so you get a Data CD. For example, if you want to make an MP3 cd for your car stereo, you don’t want Coaster converting your MP3’s to PCM audio before burning.

    I hope this answers your questions.

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