Class sucks

So, today I started summer classes. As you can tell, I’m not too thrilled about it. The one good thing about this is that it’s a 6 week accellerated course, so I’m not in class as long. Another good thing about this class is that it’s only 2 hours, so that’s just long enough that I can compile stuff on my iBook and not have to worry about the battery running out (today, it only got down to 26%).

Since class was basically reading over the syllabus today, I worked on Coaster’s build system. I put all my miscellaneous widgets and dialogs into separate respective directories which cleans up the directory layout quite a bit. I’ve also figured out how to register an mime type with’s mime database stuff. Coaster’s file format is just an XML file with a different extension (blf). It kept coming up as text/xml to gnome-vfs, but by registering it with the mime database and setting a priority of 50, it comes up as the correct format. It’s pretty neat. If you want to know how (that means you, gDesklet guys), go here.

Ok, I’m really glad that I use Linux because I don’t think I could stand the insanity of Windows. Yesterday, I spent 2 hours (I think) working on getting my fiancée’s desktop (Win2k) to dialup to her ISP. For some reason, her laptop (Win98) decided to revert all of her settings and some other applications to 6 months ago and I just figure it’s time to trash it. Anyway, she doesn’t want her family to use the ISP that her dad got her for a graduation present, so she asked me to make it so no one can use it except her. This is the problem: with *nix, you just create a new group, let the group own the modem, change the permissions, assign the users to that group, and there you have it! Could it be this simple in the world of Windows? Heck no! First off, I don’t think you can set permissions on devices. Secondly, you can’t even set permissions on Dialup Connections. I finally gave up. Now she can’t get to internet sites. She can use Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger, but no internet sites. She can’t even ping IP addresses. Any clues?

Other than that fiasco yesterday, my weekend was great. My parents and I traveled out to Council Bluffs and met my fiancée’s mom and step-dad. It went pretty well. They seemed to like each other and my parents enjoyed themselves. Hopefully they behave this well at the wedding :).

3 W topics in a row… is that a sign? Anyway, wedding plans are coming along well. I can’t believe it’s only 10 weeks until the wedding (maybe even less!). I’m starting to panic about finding a job and stuff. Anyone wanna hire me? 😀

Bugs abound (but not really)

As some of you may know, I use Gentoo. Although there seems to be a negative connotation when someone says that word, I actually enjoy using it. Most of the time. Some of you may be saying, “Bryan, why haven’t you been working on Coaster this week?” and I would respond, “because I’ve been filing non-existant bugs on gcc and glibc when it was actually Gentoo’s fault.”

Yes, go ahead and laugh, but I found out my problem :P. I wasn’t able to use std::locale(“”); in a c++ program compiled with gcc 3.4.0 without it throwing an exception and crashing. Instead of finding out what was happening in libstdc++, I decided to ask in the gcc IRC channel and for some reason or another, I got the crazy idea that there was a glibc problem, so I filed a bug against glibc (after filing another bug against gcc that Murray talked about already this week). Well, after being told each (libstdc++ and glibc) was fine, I finally went to the compiler source, used regexxer (thanks Daniel) to find the method that was throwing the exception and found out my problem: Gentoo was compiling gcc with --enable-locale=generic and the generic locale code for libstdc++ only accepts “C” for a locale. After taking that little option out of the ebuild, configure finds glibc on my system and compiles with glibc support. Tada! C++ programs can now use locales again.

Other than that minor setback, I have really found gcc 3.4.0 quite enjoyable. There are only a few things that won’t compile with it, but I’m sure they will be fixed in due time. On the bright side, all of gtkmm and all of the required dependencies compile with 3.4.0 and that’s a good thing. Now, let’s hope I can quit worrying about my compiler and get back to Coaster.

In other news, Target has a lot of great stuff. My fiancée and I finished up most of the stuff we needed for our gift registry at Target today. It’s great to pick out stuff for other people to buy for you.

Damage Control…

Last night I played softball and got a cool oozing rasberry on my lower right leg. It was beautiful, but it hurt like no other. When I got home, my mom (yes, I live with my parents… it’s cheap!), God bless her, helped me get it all professionally wrapped and cleaned up (boy, it hurt getting all the little pieces of gravel out). This got me thinking: mom’s do a heck of a lot for us. Seeing as it’s mother’s day, I thought I’d write a little tribute to my supermom. Not only is she the resident nurse at my house, but she’s our counselor, our cook (except when dad grills out), and our chauffeur (my truck was broken yesterday, so she hauled my butt around). This is just a short list of all the things my mom does for us: basically, I’m saying THANKS MOM!

Since some of the hackers on the planet post what movies they’re watching, I thought I’d start posting the music that I’m listening to this week. I picked up the new Demon Hunter CD. It is definately a great buy. It follows up their first release quite nicely. My brother also told me to listen to Meshuggah which was definately a good suggestion. I should listen to him more often…

Ok, since it’s the hot topic, I thought I’d address it: Nicholas Petreley has written a wonderful piece of garbage that one of the editors of ArsTechnica has responded to. It’s a shame that Mr. Petreley needs to resort to ad hominem attacks on GNOME developers to make himself feel important and influential. I think most people that read this article will have my sentiments: they let anybody write anything on the internet.

We had a meeting on Sunday night which was very productive. Todd from the Optimystic development team dropped by and we had a great discussion on how we should reuse as much code in Optimystic in Coaster (and vice versa) as possible. I’ve taken a look at his backend code and it looks great! Each project has different goals (in terms of UI), but the backends should generally be the same. From the discussions we (harshy, darkfusion, and I) had with Todd and Derek (ManMower), it looks like everyone is on the same page with the libburn backend. I’m pumped to start getting this stuff moving :).

John Fleck
John, although I sometimes don’t agree with you on your global warming stuff (much like some people don’t agree with my views on things), I enjoy seeing what other people in the GNOME community are interested in and are doing. Please, don’t stop posting your blog entries because of one reader of the planet. As you can see from other posters, we don’t mind.

Shocking indeed…

The videos and pictures are horrid. I can’t think of a more apalling thing to happen during a time of war. Yet during all of this evidence against American troops, another American hostage was taken. I also have my own cartoon.

Another shocking atrocity was brought to my attention today: Sudan, a nation that has not abolished slavery, has recently been appointed to the UN Human Rights Commission. Nothing says Human Rights like government sponsored ethnic cleansing. To express disgust of this (since the media doesn’t seem to want to call for the head of the Sudanese defense secretary), go here.

In Coaster news: nothing substantial was done this week since my fiancee was in town and we had wedding plans to work on. Coaster development will resume this week by getting it to actually do something :). Hopefully I can get it to eject discs this week.

Ross’s Meme

The instructions are: Grab the nearest book, open it to page 23, find the 5th sentence, post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

“Are you serious, sir?” he said in a small whisper which had the effect of silencing the pub.

Update: Again, my textile plugin is giving me fits… maybe I’ll just go back to putting in plain ‘ol html from now on.