Class sucks

So, today I started summer classes. As you can tell, I’m not too thrilled about it. The one good thing about this is that it’s a 6 week accellerated course, so I’m not in class as long. Another good thing about this class is that it’s only 2 hours, so that’s just long enough that I can compile stuff on my iBook and not have to worry about the battery running out (today, it only got down to 26%).

Since class was basically reading over the syllabus today, I worked on Coaster’s build system. I put all my miscellaneous widgets and dialogs into separate respective directories which cleans up the directory layout quite a bit. I’ve also figured out how to register an mime type with’s mime database stuff. Coaster’s file format is just an XML file with a different extension (blf). It kept coming up as text/xml to gnome-vfs, but by registering it with the mime database and setting a priority of 50, it comes up as the correct format. It’s pretty neat. If you want to know how (that means you, gDesklet guys), go here.

Ok, I’m really glad that I use Linux because I don’t think I could stand the insanity of Windows. Yesterday, I spent 2 hours (I think) working on getting my fiancée’s desktop (Win2k) to dialup to her ISP. For some reason, her laptop (Win98) decided to revert all of her settings and some other applications to 6 months ago and I just figure it’s time to trash it. Anyway, she doesn’t want her family to use the ISP that her dad got her for a graduation present, so she asked me to make it so no one can use it except her. This is the problem: with *nix, you just create a new group, let the group own the modem, change the permissions, assign the users to that group, and there you have it! Could it be this simple in the world of Windows? Heck no! First off, I don’t think you can set permissions on devices. Secondly, you can’t even set permissions on Dialup Connections. I finally gave up. Now she can’t get to internet sites. She can use Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger, but no internet sites. She can’t even ping IP addresses. Any clues?

Other than that fiasco yesterday, my weekend was great. My parents and I traveled out to Council Bluffs and met my fiancée’s mom and step-dad. It went pretty well. They seemed to like each other and my parents enjoyed themselves. Hopefully they behave this well at the wedding :).

3 W topics in a row… is that a sign? Anyway, wedding plans are coming along well. I can’t believe it’s only 10 weeks until the wedding (maybe even less!). I’m starting to panic about finding a job and stuff. Anyone wanna hire me? 😀

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  1. 1. If Windows reverts your settings, it might mean it’s made a new profile cause the old one it corrupt (the new one would be something like c:\docs and sets\ or myname.001 or something).

    2. You don’t need to restrict access to the modem – providing only your fiancee knows the username and password for the isp, the others won’t be able to logon with it (if you "save password" under her account, other accounts still require the user to enter the username/password).

    3. Not sure about your network thing: i suppose just try to troubleshoot: ping (make sure your local stack is ok), then your own ip address (from ipconfig), then one of your isps dns servers (again from ipconfig). Obviously, if you have a firewall in the way, it may stop pings working….

  2. I’ve find the solution for my mother’s computer : she’s under Debian now and it works very good.

    Try it with your fiancée..

  3. Ploum: funny you should say that, because when she’s over at my house, she uses linux and she’s never had problems using it. Actually, she really likes all the little ctrl+alt+up things that you can do to switch to other desktops. She’ll be using linux exclusively once we get married (I hope).

  4. When I create a new dial-up networking entry as an admin, it asks if I want it to be for my user only or any user on the system. If I create it as a user, I can only create new entries for myself. Do you not get this prompt?

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