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Hey all! This week, I’m taking a break from Coaster development and I’m at an arts conference at Willow Creek in Chicago. So far, it’s been fun… plus, they have wireless access all over the church. The only problem with that is that they have the IRC ports blocked. I can access all websites and my email and such, but no IRC’ing while at the conference. If you see me online, it’s late at night at the hotel and I’m using OSX.

Speaking of OSX, I’d like to thank Mikael Hallendal for his list of OSX programs he uses. I hadn’t heard of some of them, and I’m glad he pointed them out. I’m now using Desktop Manager, QuickSilver (from a comment on that entry), and Colloquy (which is quite a slick irc program). It’s nice to have multiple desktops in OSX, and QuickSilver is a nice alternative to having all your frequently used programs in the dock. Why don’t we have something like that for GNOME?

Anyway, I’ll get back to hacking this weekend, but for now, I’m having fun hanging out with 5,000 other artists.

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  1. I’m blocked from IRC in certain buildings at my college. Should the need arise that you want to bypass this, you can actually set up a SOCKS proxy using ssh extremely easily.

    ssh -N -f -D 1234

    Set xchat (or other irc client) to connect using a SOCKS5 proxy server at localhost:1234 and all is good. It also takes away the worry of using unencrypted protocols (which transfer passwords such as icq, or if you identify on your irc server) when using unfamiliar/untrusted networks.

  2. Ports 7000 often work too

    And other than making SSH a socks proxy, you can also just use a port forward -L or whatever

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