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So, I’m at my desktop at my internship and I forgot how crappy it was to actually work on a windows machine. I found the setting to turn on anti-aliased fonts (although, it isn’t as good as GNOME’s AA support), but I still miss virtual desktops. My mind works better when my work is abstracted into neat little piles of cruft. If anyone has any suggestions for software that will do this for windows, I’d really appreciate it.

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  1. Nvidia some software to do this as long as you have one of their cards.

    Anyway, I just wanted to show you this:

    makes it hard to navigate the coaster site 🙁

    Sorry to post this here but there was no site maintaner listed.

  2. If you feel a bit bolder, you can try LiteStep. It gives you Virtual Desktops and more.

    (Actually, an AfterStep + WindowMaker look and feel).

    Good luck,


  3. <frustration>

    I’m missing virtual desktops too at work. Terrible! With the upgrade to XP IT locked even the possibility to make the taskbar twice the size to cope in some kind with the problem…


    I’m using desktopplus. It’s okay, but not _the_ solution. (



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