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Wow, my old Yahoo! account gets bombarded. I guess that’s what happens when I don’t check it for about 2 months :).

I talked to harshy today and he’s going to make a pre-release of libcoaster-0.2. I’m really excited about this because it means Coaster is getting closer to an initial release. Now I have to adapt the treeview parsing from the document saving code to work with the libisofs library. I’m going to make some test cases today and hopefully be able to write the code to actually take a treeview representation of file structure and burn it to CD.

The U.S. Congress passed the resolution to call the atrocities in Darfur genocide. A UN Security Council resolution has been put forward as well.

Key Codes
One thing that kind of annoys me is that I can’t bind a key code to a certain type or symbol with a GUI application. Yes, I can go into the Keyboard Preferences capplet and select pre-defined layout preferences, but usually those don’t line up with what I want to do. Take, for instance, my iBook keyboard. I would like to make my apple key function as my “Compose” key. Xev reports it as Super_L (in other words, the left win key if I remember correctly) and both apple keys have the same key-code. So, I go into the keyboard preferences capplet to bind my apple key to “Compose” and I see a couple of options, but nothing for left-win. I know I can go into the xkb configurations and edit them along with an xml file for the descriptions that the capplet reads (I did this back on my gentoo configuration), but for the average user, this isn’t optimal. Is there a way to edit xkb configurations on a per-user basis? If there is, how hard would it be to make an option in the Keyboard Preferences capplet to add a new key symbol interpretation? Just a thought…

CLARIFICATION: I rewrote the above paragraph to make it more clear what I want to do. Sorry about the crappy terminology used in the previous version of that paragraph.


Wow, this weekend was busy! On Friday, I took off work to go get my marriage license with my fiancée. Now we can officially get married :). Then, on Saturday, we came back to Cedar Rapids from Omaha to pick up the keys to OUR apartment. Yesterday was spent going to the groundbreaking service for our church and moving things into the new apartment. It’s really funny how much stuff we really don’t have. This left me little time for code.

The little time I had was spent working on threading in Coaster. This is my first endeavor into threading, so I have no clue what I’m doing. This would be much much easier if Daniel Elstner was around in #c++, but he seems to be AWOL right now. I hope I’ll figure this out before the release at the end of the week.

If you didn’t know, I’m getting married, which means one of the end results is presents. If you would like to contribute to the “Bryan and September have nothing and need stuff” fund, please visit the next few links.
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Thanks for all the help finding music for my wedding! I have all the tracks I need thanks to all the helpful people in the GNOME community.

HR 467/SR 124

There’s a resolution going through the House and Senate right now regarding the genocide going on in Sudan. I would urge you to send Representative Dennis Hastert, Representative Tom DeLay, Senator Bill Frist, your congressperson and senator a message letting them know you want action on this issue. For those of you that have more time on your hands and live in the D.C. area, there is a die-in being held in Lafayette Park tomorrow (July 22) to raise awareness about the atrocities that are happening in Sudan.

Update on Driving Rules

John Fleck: I agree that I shouldn’t speed, but I was trying to get to class. Yes, I know I should have left earlier, but I will accept the consequences if I get caught speeding. And no, I don’t think it’s my right to drive drunk; I think it’s retarded.

Also, I would like to update one of my rules. It was pointed out to me by one of the readers of my blog that rather than merge early, drivers should merge at the merge point. I had no clue what the merge point was, so I went searching. It brought me to a study done by the Minnesota Department of Transportation which states that in normal driving conditions, drivers should merge early, but when conditions are congested, drivers should merge at the merge point. I also found a study about merge control in rural areas from the Federal Highway Administration.

I’m still confused as to what the “merge point” is. If someone could explain it to me, I’ll put a condition in my earlier statement about merging. Thanks.

Music Search 2

This worked so well last time, that I’m trying it again. Once again I’m on a search for music for my wedding, but this time we don’t have the music anywhere (like my fiancée’s laptop’s hard drive). Here is what we’re looking for:

* Groovy Kind of Love: my fiancée wants her bridesmaids to walk in to this, so she would like an instrumental version with a string quartet or something like that.

* Happy Together: the version from the Freaky Friday soundtrack. I know you GNOME hackers don’t want to admit that you have watched Freaky Friday, but I know there’s someone out there with that soundtrack or at least the Simple Plan version of it.

Thanks in advance for doing this. If worse comes to worst, we can buy the Freaky Friday soundtrack, but we don’t know where we would get an instrumental version of Groovy Kind of Love. Once again, my email is bryan at reigndropsfall dot net.

Common Courtesy 2

David, I would agree with you on n+1 except for those people who don’t use cruise control and like to go around and get in front of you and then slow down.

After hanging out in #gnome-hackers and getting some feedback from my last post, here are some ammendments to my original rules:

* USE CRUISE CONTROL! This is especially true if you are talking on a cell phone (I won’t go into the ethics of this) or to someone in the car with you. A constant speed on the road will keep people from getting angry with you.

* Use your turn signal Nothing is more annoying than to have someone zip in and out of traffic and have them flip you off because you didn’t let them in. If you signal where you are going, people will be more willing to let you in because they actually know what you want to do (rule of thumb: people can’t read minds).

* The on-ramp is for ACCELERATING. Going 40 mph on the on-ramp is more likely to get you into an accident (and a bigger accident, as well) than if you speed up to the speed everyone on the highway/interstate/etc. is driving.

* Get over when people are merging from an on-ramp. This is especially true for semi’s because it takes them a while to accelerate to “cruising speed”. Once they have merged, please observe the “fast” lane rules and get over into the right lane as soon as possible (all this while using your turn signal).

Thanks to Tybstar and snorp for the ammendments.

Coaster Status

I’ve been working on the Burn dialog lately. I have uploaded my changes to Coaster’s arch repo. The next step: actually burning from a layout to a CD. It doesn’t look too hard, but you never know so I’ve dedicated the next two days to getting that working :).

Common Courtesy

I was driving to work today at about 73 mph (roughly 117 kph) in a 65 mph zone (in Iowa, you can go about 8 mph over the speed limit and be pretty sure that you’re not going to get pulled over) in the left hand lane (what we call the “fast” lane) when I come upon a little Chevy S10 going about 67 mph. This wouldn’t be so bad except that the person in the right hand lane (the slow lane) was going about the same speed. This didn’t make me too happy because I like to go fast, so I slowly got closer to the Chevy in order to hint that he needed to speed up a bit, but he just stayed at that speed. It’s times like these that I wish I was rich and had forklift forks on the front of my truck so that I could run stupid drivers off of the road, but that’s besides the point. After about 20 minutes of following this guy, I could finally go around him. I hate road rage, and I tried to stay as calm as possible, but this guy was just an idiot (and his bimbo companion was fixing her stupid hair the whole time), so I thought I’d put down in writing some simple courtesies that one should obey when driving to reduce road rage.

* DO NOT pass on the right hand side on highways and interstates. This reduces the chance you have of getting in someone’s right side blind spot (the biggest blind spot); this is especially true of semi’s (here’s an image of a semi’s blind spots… the yellow is their blind spot).

* If you must pass on the right, do it quickly and don’t dwell in a person’s blind spot. There have been many times I’ve almost hit someone because they were in my blind spot and I wanted to change lanes.

* When driving in the “fast” lane (in this case, the left hand lane) and someone comes up behind you going faster, get over into the slow lane (in this case, the right hand lane) as soon as possible. This reduces the chance that they will get in your right side blind spot, and keeps them moving (added bonus: if they are going really fast, hopefully they’ll get pulled over faster if you let them through, keeping the cops off of your back).

* DO NOT drive solely in the “fast” lane unless you are going considerably faster than the rest of the traffic; this frees up that lane for people going faster than you.

* REMEMBER: It’s hard to drive a semi. If a semi is trying to merge or get over, either get out of the way, or let him/her in. The universal sign for “All’s clear here, you can merge in” is to flash, your hi beams twice at the semi in front of you trying to merge into your lane. It really helps them since it’s hard for them to tell where you are in regards to the back end of the trailer they are pulling. Check out industrial auction hub for info on trucks and trailers handling.

* If there is a hold-up (accident, road construction, etc.) up ahead and a lane is closed, get over AS SOON AS YOU CAN; do not try to speed ahead in the lane that is going to be closed and merge at the last possible second. If someone is trying to get into your lane because of a hold-up, slow down a bit and let them in, unless they are the zipping ahead type, then close off all possible ways for them to get in (yeah, that’s not courteous, but they’re jerks). Find more useful information at https://kljconsultingaz.com/loading-dock-repair/.

This next one is one of the most important rules of the road:
* If the rest of traffic is going over the speed limit, it’s OK to go that speed rather than the speed limit. The cops are more likely to pull you over if you’re recklessly driving than if you are speeding along with everyone else.

That’s all I can think of for now. I may post some more later.

Aerith’s Theme Update

Thanks a ton to all the people who emailed me with mp3’s and locations where I could get the mp3. Jason Scott Gessner sent me the one that my fiancée has on her computer. Thanks again!!

Aerith’s Theme

My fiancée and I are looking for the piano only version of Aerith’s (or Aeris’, not sure which is right) Theme from Final Fantasy VII. I found the orchestrated version, but she has a version of it on her laptop hard drive (which is fried and is 4 hours away from me) that is piano only. If you know of a place I can get it, please email me.

UPDATE: my email address is bryan at reigndropsfall dot net