Common Courtesy 2

David, I would agree with you on n+1 except for those people who don’t use cruise control and like to go around and get in front of you and then slow down.

After hanging out in #gnome-hackers and getting some feedback from my last post, here are some ammendments to my original rules:

* USE CRUISE CONTROL! This is especially true if you are talking on a cell phone (I won’t go into the ethics of this) or to someone in the car with you. A constant speed on the road will keep people from getting angry with you.

* Use your turn signal Nothing is more annoying than to have someone zip in and out of traffic and have them flip you off because you didn’t let them in. If you signal where you are going, people will be more willing to let you in because they actually know what you want to do (rule of thumb: people can’t read minds).

* The on-ramp is for ACCELERATING. Going 40 mph on the on-ramp is more likely to get you into an accident (and a bigger accident, as well) than if you speed up to the speed everyone on the highway/interstate/etc. is driving.

* Get over when people are merging from an on-ramp. This is especially true for semi’s because it takes them a while to accelerate to “cruising speed”. Once they have merged, please observe the “fast” lane rules and get over into the right lane as soon as possible (all this while using your turn signal).

Thanks to Tybstar and snorp for the ammendments.

3 Replies to “Common Courtesy 2”

  1. Leave several car lengths between you and the car in front of you! Even in slow moving traffic, to allow fellow drivers to merge on or off the freeway. I believe this alone will relieve most all of our traffic woes (less accidents and more freely moving traffic).

  2. Not all of us have the luxary of having working cruise control. I won’t be using it until you or someone else pays to replace it for me in the 3 cars I have. Cruise control was the first part to go in them.

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