HR 467/SR 124

There’s a resolution going through the House and Senate right now regarding the genocide going on in Sudan. I would urge you to send Representative Dennis Hastert, Representative Tom DeLay, Senator Bill Frist, your congressperson and senator a message letting them know you want action on this issue. For those of you that have more time on your hands and live in the D.C. area, there is a die-in being held in Lafayette Park tomorrow (July 22) to raise awareness about the atrocities that are happening in Sudan.

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  1. This is going to sound harsh, but we have enough problems of our own here in the US at this point. Why are you asking that we further attempt to police a world that doesnt want us to?

    If the UN wants to move on this then so be it. We are not the legal eagles of the world, and OUR laws do not apply to those who are not citizens or residents of the USA. Let the UN deal with it or not. How about we in the US of A start taking care of OUR own problems.

    Again sorry it that sounds harsh, but read your post on plantgnome and just had to respond.

  2. Well, Solkaris, since the *moral* implications of what is going on in Darfur do not sway you, I will have to blindly pragmatic.

    "OUR laws do not apply to those who are not citizens or residents of the USA."

    If what is going on in Darfur is genocide, then it is illegal under international law. More importantly, the countries of the world would have a legal obligation to stop it and punish the perpetrators. The 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (…) states, "genocide is a crime under international law, contrary to the spirit and aims of the United Nations and condemned by the civilized world." That means you cannot do it, regardless of whether there are national statutes prohibiting it.

    But suppose that you do not care about genocide, since Americans are not being directly affected. Since we have no economic interests in Darfur, we should ignore it.

    Weclome to the global economy. This New York Times article, "A Tree That Supported Sudan Becomes a War’s Latest Victim" (…)

    explains how the Darfur region is an important source of gum arabic, which is an important component of many modern products.

    Since at least the 1940s, it has been recognized that isolationism does not work; the "Fortress America" type of philosophy that you seem to be advocating died at Pearl Harbor, and against on September 11. If you read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, you will realize that they contain the seeds of an internationalist doctrine (i.e. all men created equal as opposed to all American citizens, etc.). If you believe in the principles that this country was built on, you would realize that is not only wrong but hypocritical for us to stand by while people die as a result of their ethnicity, religion, gender, or creed.

  3. Martey,

    My point isnt that what is happening isnt wrong and shouldnt be stopped. But the job to right the wrongs in this case belongs to the UN alone. If the UN decides that an International force is needed to stabilize the country, then great. But its not for the US goverment to decide that we need to go "banish the evil".

    And as for using the 9/11 as a point to show that "my though process" is flawed. 9/11 happened because WE keep playing police force and unwanted big brother to other countries. Osama didnt pick the us as a target out of a hat. He did it because of the american stance at assisting Israel and maintaining troops in the middle east. Thus we end up with 9/11 because of the very thing you are saying we need to do, by forcing our "Morality" and or "Ethics" on others.

    Again we the US are not the police nor priests of the world. Let the UN decide what needs to be done, and then we as members of that body can assist other nations in attempting to right the wrong.

    And the Declaration of Independce and Constitution are not international doctrine. They are OUR legal documents. They don’t apply to those outside our country. Its not hypocritical for us to stand by while a different country with different beliefs and history has its own growing pains. The reality is we have no right to interfere, if you want to take a righteous stance and say that its gods will or whatever .. go for it and then look at yourself in the same light you would a muslim terrorist (not to say that muslims are all terrorist ) .. your cause is righteous and to hell with the infidel.

  4. > Thus we end up with 9/11 because of the very thing you are saying we need to

    > do, by forcing our "Morality" and or "Ethics" on others.

    Stopping Genocide in Dafur and Kosovo is not the kind of American foreign policy that people complain about. Propping up and arming Sharon, Saddam Hussein, General Pinochet, Marco, the Saudi royal family, etc, are. Giving up morality is not the answer, because excess of morality is not the problem.

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