I’m looking to get into the Bluetooth craze, but my iBook is not equipped with Apple’s preconfigured Bluetooth module (and you can’t get it installed aftermarket, from what I can tell). So, I guess that leaves me with the option to get a Bluetooth USB dongle. I know Apple recommends the D-Link DBT-120 but I don’t find it aesthetically pleasing (because it doesn’t match my iBook at all). Does anyone else out there know of another Bluetooth USB dongle that will work in Linux and OS X?

About the photos

I’ve had some questions about the effect used on the “<%popup(by_a_window_smaller.jpg|197|300|By A Window)%>” picture. I emailed the photographer (my wife’s uncle) and here’s what he had to say:

In response to the question about the technique used on the ‘by_a_window” picture, I made use of some nice window light from the right, and added a sunsoft filter, which is no longer made as far as I know. It’s a warming/softening filter, and does a beautiful job with this type of picture.

I hope that answers some questions.

Plugin woes…

Ok, this is dumb. I updated the NP_XMLTools plugin for nucleus and the new version parses nucleus’ image tags for rss, but not popup tags, So I had to go through and fix that so you guys reading this with either RSS readers or through the planet could see the 4 other picutres I posted. Oh well, that’s life I guess.


We got our pictures of our wedding in the mail a couple of days ago and I’ve been lazy and haven’t gotten around to adding them here. I haven’t edited them much, but there are a couple of awesome ones. Take a look:Wedding Pictures

Still Waiting

Well, it seems as if the libburn guys are either slow, on vacation, or dead (hopefully not). This means not much has gotten done on Coaster over the last few days, but that’s given me time to get things done in other areas.

After calling both companies (Mediacom and Com-Link ) about internet service, and have come to the conclusion that I will go with Com-Link’s DSL services which is about a total of $35/month rather than Mediacom’s $45/month cable internet services. But, I’ve also decided that I’m going to wait to get DSL until I can more easily afford it.

This week has been spent programming C# command line tools to interface Beyond FTP with our paging system. I actually found a bug in the Beyond FTP script compiler which has since been fixed for Beyond FTP SP2. The bug was that you couldn’t assign a variable a boolean value and then test it by itself in a conditional expression. Now, since I have that bug fixed, I have to go back to C# and probably redesign how I’m implementing this stuff. It’s all pretty boring, but it pays the bills.

Another day…

For some reason, the last two days have dragged on like no other. It seems like I’ve been at work for 9 hours and it’s only 11:55 AM. And now I get to babysit an FTP script for the rest of the week. What a thrill!!

I emailed the libburn list yesterday about the problem with Coaster crashing. Now we wait…

I’m glad to see the GNOME bounties are back. I may try my hand at some in order to get some extra money for flowers (for September) and gadgets (for me). If only more programs used gtkmm, this would be way easier…

September and I bought a new TV and a new DVD/VCR combo last night. On the suggestion of the salesperson helping us, I bought component video cables. I really didn’t think there would be much difference between composite and component, but there really is… especially when watching cartoons and anime (I love to watch both). September and I watched Invader Zim and there were no horizontal lines that I’m used to seeing when watching animated DVDs. Moral of the story: use component video whenever possible. You won’t regret it.

Nucleus Upgrade

Today, I upgraded Nucleus to v3.1. As you can see, it’s running fine and my plugins that I had installed in v2.5beta work great with this version. This version features a streamlined interface and better compatibility with Mozilla using forms. It’s pretty slick, so anyone running anything under v3.1 should upgrade. Plus, it gives you something to do at work when you get bored :).

Back and hitched

I’m back from my week-long sabatical (i.e. wedding and honeymoon) and hacking away again. As soon as I get some pictures (the photographer is supposed to be sending us a CD with our wedding pictures on it), I’ll post them.

As you can see, I didn’t get a pre-release of Coaster out. I wanted to hit myself. I still haven’t gotten it to burn without crashing, but I’m working on it. Hopefully we’ll get a release out this century (but don’t hold your breath!).

September and I went to the Wisconsin Dells for our honeymoon. We stayed at Sunset Bay Resort which was very nice and close to a lot of attractions. A word of caution about the Dells: if something has a sweet advertisement but has no real description about what it is, don’t go to it. We got (ok, I got) sucked into going to 2 tourist traps that really sucked and cost a total of $50. September wasn’t pleased because I dragged her along.
Other than that, the trip was fun. We went to a drive-in movie (which I had never been to) and saw two movies for a total of $13.00. We saw The Bourne Supremacy and I, Robot which were both fairly good. It was cool because the sound was broadcast over an FM station the theater had set up.

Other Stuff
It’s really strange being back in town because I’m not living at my parent’s house anymore. September and I went over there to pick up my stereo and some other miscellaneous things and I realized I was visiting my parents for the first time. Very surreal.
I’ve been trying to figure out how I want to get high speed internet at the apartment. I’d like to do cable (because it’s simple), but I’m not sure how many other people around me have it. The other option (I think… I’m not sure how close the nearest POP is) is DSL, but I don’t think I can afford $30/month + an ISP subscription (however much that will be). Hopefully I don’t have a bunch of neighbors that have cable internet that suck up bandwidth so I can go with the cable solution.

Crunch Time

My wedding is tomorrow. Yesterday I got stressed out over nothing, and I’m really ready to just be married to my fiancée and go on our much needed honeymoon. Today, we’re going to the Henry Doorly Zoo to check out the penguins and polar bears. It should be a relaxing day before the blur of tomorrow :).

I’m really disappointed, but I didn’t get a release (or even a pre-release) of Coaster out. I couldn’t get burning to work on Friday, and I found some ISO preferences I wasn’t covering in the GUI, so I had to get those working as well. Now, I have the preference covered and burning semi-working (it parses a treeview to an iso volumeset, and will burn most of it before crashing), but now I just need to get to a place I can get a connection for Linux (I’m in OSX right now) since my iBook’s modem doesn’t work in Linux. The hotel where I’m staying tonite has high-speed internet, so I’ll have to wait until tonite to submit my stuff. Mark my words, I will have something to release by tonite (even if I have harshy release it for me).

Daniel Elstner has been gone for about 2 weeks now, and it kind of worries me. I’m praying he just went on vacation and didn’t tell anyone and that he isn’t going to be away from the open source community for another year. By the way, I’m going to be gone from Wednesday (the 4th) until Sunday (the 8th), so don’t be alarmed when I don’t show up on IRC at work ;).