More baseball…

The other day I ranted about how I very greatly dislike (almost hate) the state of baseball with it’s “long ball” syndrome. Today I’d like to rant about someone that gets my blood boiling: Pete Rose.

For some reason, there are some people out there that think this man should be in the hall of fame. A man who bet on baseball when he was managing the game. I don’t deny he was a great player, but one bad decision can ruin your life; that one bad decision for Pete Rose was gambling on games he managed.

I think the thing that pisses me off more than anything is his attitude. Instead of getting behind other players that have been banned from baseball and banding together with them, he goes it alone because he’s Pete Rose. I think that if he wants any shot in getting into the hall of fame, he should get behind someone who’s stats show that he shouldn’t be banned: “Shoeless” Joe Jackson. If Rose wants in the hall of fame, he should show that his gambling was really a mistake and actually do something for someone else. Then I might think about giving him some thought (though, not much).

Until then, I won’t watch the Pete Rose movie on ESPN, nor will I buy his stupid book.

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Coaster News

I’ve been doing some major hacking on Coaster and have made some huge breakthroughs. I have to upload the changes in the next few days, but I have something to show:
< %image(coaster-new-icon.png|48|48|New Coaster Icon)%>

Basically, I reversed and updated the sound-juicer icon. Hopefully, Ross doesn’t mind…

Off to Rockaway Beach

It has just been brought to my attention that last week, two icons in Punk rock passed on: Johnny Ramone and Ernie Ball. The sounds of both The Ramones and the Ernie Ball MusicMan bass have defined punk for decades. I wish the best for the families of both men.

The state of baseball…

Ok, I’m a baseball nut. Something about the strategy involved in playing the game just gets my blood running. It may be boring to some, but it’s chock full of excitement for me. Recently, a player hit 700 homeruns (quite a feat) and I’d like to address some issues I have with baseball.

I can’t stand one thing: Barry Bonds.

Ok, admittedly, it’s not really Barry Bonds… it’s how baseball has pandered to the Barry Bondses and Mark McGwyers (and yes, Sammy Sosas) to make it easier to hit “the long ball.” And yes, most of this (if not all) was done under Bud Selig. I think I despise him more than Barry Bonds. The three things that were done that have ruined the game for me are as follows:

1) The strike zone has become smaller: I can see how some people would like this… it makes it so the pitchers have to have more skill, and admittedly pitchers like Maddux and Clemens have done quite well with the new strike zone size. The problem I have with this is the strike zone has moved directly into players’ wheelhouses. Aaron and Ruth had to deal with pitches that were called strikes at their shoulders and knees (roughly). The number of homeruns they hit would have drastically increased if pitchers only threw into their wheelhouses.

2) Pitchers can no longer throw inside: This pisses me off more than number one. I was watching a game where Kerry Wood threw ONE pitch inside and got ejected. I remember watching baseball back in the 80’s and people feared going to the plate against people like Nolan Ryan because they weren’t afraid of hitting batters. If you can’t stand up there and take one for the team, you need to be playing in a softball league in Wichita, Kansas.

3) Batters wearing armor (Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, etc.): If you have an injury that’s bad enough to warrant you wearing protective gear at the plate, SIT OUT!! I don’t remember Aaron, Ruth, Gehrig, Cobb, Mantle, Marris, or any other baseball going up to the plate looking like a football player (American football, for the international readers). And these were guys that had pitchers throwing AT THEIR HEADS regularly.

That’s all I have for now. Maybe I’ll come up with some more after my brother reads this :).


Yes, I caught the fever spreading like wildfire… I downloaded and installed Ubuntu. It’s a pretty darn sweet distro with only a few quirks:

1) It comes with pbbuttonsd as the default power manager. I tried it for a few days and found that pmud does a way better job with power management (I got almost 4 hours of battery with pmud and only around 2.5 with pbbuttonsd).

2) Evolution spawns a new spamd process even with the -L parameter given to spamd. This means it take almost a half hour and the processor chugging along to download all the mail I had stored up over the weekend (108 new mails). This makes no sense to me.

3) There are no bakery2.3 or libxml++-2.6 packages which means I had to compile and install them to work on Coaster. Not too big of a deal.

One cool thing I found is that there are Prism2 modules in the kernel Ubuntu provides. Maybe they have been merged in the kernel for a long time and I never noticed them, but that makes me happy. No more compiling linux-wlan-ng each time I get a new kernel. Now, I wonder which version of the prism2 drivers got merged… I hope it’s something pre21 or later.

All in all, this is a pretty slick distro. I put the CD in, hit enter a couple of times and that was it (besides repartitioning my hard drive, which I needed to do for myself… it detected my partitions flawlessly). Good job guys! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the next release.

Coaster development

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve updated you guys on Coaster. Just in case any of you were wondering, we’re NOT dead. I’ve been really busy with work and home stuff. Also, getting settled into a new apartment takes a while. Anyway, Coaster is coming along great. I made a decision about two weeks ago to handle each type of CD with a separate file type for each. I know, it’s not how we planned to do it, but the further I got in development, the more I was questioning how I was going to handle audio layouts. Oh well. It doesn’t look to be too hard: I’ve already got a class with shared methods between the different views of layouts and the data view is finished. The next step will be programming a controller that will determine which view to use for which document type. Still no ETA on Coaster. Sorry :(…


I’ve been corrected: the species of fish my wife and I bought are Bettas. More specifically, Betta Splendens. Thanks maxx.

More Bluetooth…

As you probably know from my last few posts, I’ve been looking for Bluetooth stuff and I think I’ve found something really cool: a bluetooth print adapter to do wireless printing. I also saw this one from Anycom and this one from HP, but the IOGEAR adapter looks the most promising. If any of you out there have had any experience with these products, please let me know if I’m making a good or bad decision. Also, I’ve been looking for a bluetooth trackball (trackballs are way easier on my wrists), but to no avail. If I can’t find one, I’ll probably go with the Logitech MX 900 Bluetooth Mouse or the Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer for Bluetooth. Again, if anyone has had any experiences with either of these mice, please let me know which is the better of the two.

By the way, after talking with Edd Dumbill and reading some of Linux Unwired on O’Reilly’s Safari I’ve decided to get the D-Link DBT-120. It seems you can upgrade the firmware in it with OSX so it gets some new features that are useful in Linux. Sounds good to me. Plus, it’s endorsed by Edd Dumbill :).

UPDATE: I was parusing the D-Link site and came upon a print adapter. They also have some bluetooth speaker solutions here. which look pretty cool.

Stuff ‘n things…

Well, Coaster is going through a rewrite (again). I’ve decided that I need different views for different document types (data/audio/video). This means I need to figure out how to pick which view to use depending on the document opened. It shouldn’t be too hard once I get it all mapped out.

Being married rawks… just so you know. In other news, we got two beta fish. (what happened to the alpha fish?) One kind of looks like a mermaid, so my wife named him Murray. So, no matter what Murray Cumming tells you, we didn’t name our fish after him. The other one looks like a Garter Snake, so my wife named him Garter. They’re pretty cool (we haven’t put their bowls next to each other, but I can’t wait to do that… they puff up really big when they think another beta is near them).

To reiterate what Link said: Work sucks. Yesterday, I spent the day giving rights to people’s calendars because my employer thinks it was a smart idea to switch from using Novell with the Groupwise full client to M$ Exchange with the Outlook Web Access client. Oh well, I got paid to do it, so I’m not complaining about that too much ;).