Theme Spec

I was talking to Thomas Wood and Andrew Johnson on IRC today and found out that Thomas has a spec he has come up with for a GNOME Theme Format. To me, it makes sense: make a standard format, give it an mime-type, add that to the shared-mime-info mime-type definitions and then allow gnome-theme-manager to open them from the command line so you can double click on them in Nautilus (or even come up with a Nautilus context menu entry for them). Check it out and post your ideas on the gnome-themes-list.

Coaster commences

I got a call 10 minutes after I left work yesterday that my laptop was done. I went in, picked it up, transfered my backups over to it, and I’m now in the process of transferring those backups to my windows box. Long and tedious… but worthwhile. I hope to upload the changes I have to the main Coaster branch today. At least I don’t have to use Windows anymore :).

Quick Update

Still no laptop :(. It’s going to make the trip down to my wife’s grandparents’ farm a slow one. We usually watch movies on it during long trips. I’m also going through laptop withdrawal. I really want to get moving with Coaster development, but without a GNOME setup or Linux environment to develop on, I’m kind of stuck. I won’t be responding to email this weekend since my wife’s grandparents don’t have internet access.

I have been working on Windows using LiteStep for a shell so Windows looks less like Windows which makes it bearable. I wrote a theme for it that looks like OS X and I’m using ObjectDock to emulate the dock in OS X. It works pretty well, so I haven’t gone crazy yet. Hopefully I’ll get my iBook back by early next week, and development can commence.


HO-LY CRAP! The concert last night was insane! It was way better than the last show I went to. Misery Signals opened, followed by Zao, and then Every Time I Die. We only stayed long enough to hear Zao, and it was completely worth it. Not only did the show rawk, but when we were walking back to my truck, we saw Dan, the lead singer of Zao, walking the same way we were so we walked with him and talked. He’s a totally real guy, and surprisingly shy; Scott did most of the talking during the concert.

By the way, there’s been some confusion as to why I asked my wife to go to the concert. I didn’t have to ask “permission” per se, but I had to ask her to go because I had promised to take her out last night. And promises actually mean something to us.

I have the best wife

My wife rocks! I just found out from my brother that Zao is in Iowa City at Gabe’s Oasis tonite. They have been one of my favorite bands ever since my roommate introduced them to me in college. I have seen them before, but the lead singer, Dan Weyandt, and one of their best guitarists that has played with them, Russ Codgell, weren’t with them. Anyway, I called my wife and she said I could go (only $10 tickets), so I’m going! I can’t wait to see Dan and Russ in action. I’ll have to get them to play “Tool to Scream” again :).


So, I took my iBook into the local Apple Authorized Service place and they were very cool. The only thing that isn’t cool is that my iBook is gone for 5-10 days. This does not make me happy :(. This means that Coaster development is stalled until I get my iBook back. Sorry guys! I do have everything backed up, so I’m not worried about the Coaster build directory. Thank goodness for tar over ssh :).

On a better note, I asked them about getting a Bluetooth card/chip and antenna put into my iBook aftermarket and they said they would see what they could do. The guy actually sounded hopeful that he could get one in. The biggest challenge for them will be getting the antenna, but maybe they’ll tell Apple that my antenna (which is non-existant) crapped out on me as well. If not, it won’t hurt for them to try.


My wife and I wanted some ice cream the other nite, so we went to Fareway to pick it up. She loves Blue Bunny’s Bunny Tracks. They had it, but only the Premium kind. We bought it, but now regret it. I’m not sure if the ice cream is premium, of if the stuff they put in it is premium, but it really didn’t taste all that much better. On top of that, we paid around $4.00 for it for less than we would have gotten if we would have bought the cheaper regular Bunny Tracks. Moral of the story: Premium isn’t really all that premium.

More baseball rants

A new record was set in baseball last week. You may have missed it since an arrogant big hitter didn’t set it. The record was set by Ichiro Suzuki. He didn’t stand and gawk at his accomplishment while taking his sweet time rounding the bases; he hustled to first base, stood there, tipped his batting helmet to the crowd, went over to the former record holder’s daughter and grandchildren and shook their hands. It was very classy, but I guess class doesn’t go far with people today. They want a steroid laden star that can wear armor and show off trotting around the bases.

It doesn’t make sense to me that a 30-40 year old record (73 home runs) gets more attention than an 84 year old record (262 hits). It doesn’t make sense to me that 73 is a greater number than 262. Baseball is a game of skill where players like Maddux, Ichiro, and Clemens use their knowledge of the game, superior accuracy, and speed to confound other players. It’s turning into a game where oversized ogres step up to the plate and swing as hard as they can so they can take a stroll around the bases. You hardly see any suicide squeeze plays anymore: the bunt is almost non-existant. Instead, we get a new term (“walk off” home run) and lower batting averages. The last time anyone made a run at a .400 batting average was the late 90’s with Larry Walker and Tony Gwynn. Pitching has gotten better, yes, but accuracy declines when players concentrate on getting the ball over the fence rather than getting the ball in play.

Coaster breakthrough

Yes, I’ve made a breakthrough on Coaster this week. I started getting frustrated with libburn because I found out that libisofs doesn’t write Joliet extensions to iso images; this won’t do. I also ran into some issues where images in memory (not yet written to disk) write wrong on PPC. So I talked to Bastien Nocera and switched the backend of Coaster to use libnautilus-burn from nautilus-cd-burn. DISCLAIMER: I’m not dropping support for libburn, but in order to get a release out, I have to have a working backend.

Yesterday, I got Coaster burning CD’s successfully (albeit, slow because of my hard drive troubles) which gives me new hope. Maybe we can get a pre-release out next week (only a few months late on the pre-release). MAYBE. 😉