I have the best wife

My wife rocks! I just found out from my brother that Zao is in Iowa City at Gabe’s Oasis tonite. They have been one of my favorite bands ever since my roommate introduced them to me in college. I have seen them before, but the lead singer, Dan Weyandt, and one of their best guitarists that has played with them, Russ Codgell, weren’t with them. Anyway, I called my wife and she said I could go (only $10 tickets), so I’m going! I can’t wait to see Dan and Russ in action. I’ll have to get them to play “Tool to Scream” again :).

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  1. Allmusic.com:
    Zao are perhaps the first metalcore band with roots in the Christian music scene to enjoy a credible, respected position in the mainstream halls of the hardcore and metal realms.


  2. As an european I have allways wonderen who would vote on Bush, but a guy who has to ask his wife t go to a religious concert is probably a good canditade.

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