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I was talking to Thomas Wood and Andrew Johnson on IRC today and found out that Thomas has a spec he has come up with for a GNOME Theme Format. To me, it makes sense: make a standard format, give it an mime-type, add that to the shared-mime-info mime-type definitions and then allow gnome-theme-manager to open them from the command line so you can double click on them in Nautilus (or even come up with a Nautilus context menu entry for them). Check it out and post your ideas on the gnome-themes-list.

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  1. Hmm… I’ve only be saying that for how many years now? 😉

    I’d vote against a context menu entry. There’s no good reason to clutter the menu with it. Plus those things tend to be irritating in the case that you get the context menu before the mime type is sniffed – just as you’re about to click somewhere, the menu item positions all change because some new entries were added or removed.

    I definitely hope the theme mime type gets in GNOME soon-ish.

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