Ingenuity of Complete Fools

Version 0.1.4 of Coaster is here. Here is what I have added/fixed in this release:


  • Updated libnautilus-burn wrappers to work with version >= 2.9.0.
  • Bumped gtkmm dependency to >= 2.5.5.
  • Removed dependency on bakery.
  • Moved all store transformations to within the store.
  • Added base classes to make it easy to make more layout types.
  • Implemented the tray icon instead of wrapping libegg’s version.
  • Added a progress dialog to show files that are opening.
  • Added screenshots in the help file.

Bug Fixes:

  • Checkbox issue in chooser (#158662).
  • Detachable toolbar always on (#158655).
  • Wrong rename accelerator key (#158658).
  • ISO’s deleted (#162733).
  • Unhandled exception with missing icon in gnome theme (#163188).
  • Crashes in gconf dialogs.


As Murray blogged about earlier, the API for all the *mm projects is frozen until the next release cycle. I think we got all of Glib and Gtk+ wrapped this time around and we fixed some things in Gconfmm (setting lists).

I have updated Coaster to use the new API such as Gtk::AboutDialog, Gtk::FileChooserButton, the ellipsize properties of labels and Gtk::CellRendererText’s, and I have created a history combobox (much like GnomeEntry) for the find dialog. This means that Coaster will depend on Gtkmm >= 2.5.5 and Gconfmm >= 2.9.2. I also updated my wrappers on nautilus-cd-burn to the new 2.9.4 API. I should have a release out by tomorrow, but, if you know my record on releases, don’t hold your breath :).


Best Buy has redeemed themselves in my eyes. I went in to my local store today and asked if I could order something there that was online. Sure enough, I could, so I ordered the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer for Bluetooth. I tried the one they had in the store that was part of the desktop set and it was very comfortable. Hopefully the sidescrolling feature of the tilt-wheel will work in X (if you know if it does or doesn’t work, let me know). Anyway, thanks Best Buy for accomodating my needs.

Bluetooth tales…

Word of advice: if you’re getting an iBook and you think you will ever use Bluetooth with it, make sure you get the Bluetooth option installed when you order it (it’s $50 extra). Otherwise, you’ll be paying more than that to get the module installed aftermarket. I took my iBook in today to get the module installed and I now have a Bluetooth enabled laptop. It’s pretty slick!

Gift Cards

What’s the use of a gift card if I can’t get what I want from a store? I’ve got a Best Buy gift card with $40 left on it, but I can’t use it on a purchase of a Bluetooth mouse because Best Buy doesn’t have any Bluetooth mice in-store and you can only redeem your gift cards at “any Best Buy retail store”. To me, that’s crap and a half.

API/ABI freeze turns into a snowstorm

I thought I had plenty of time to commit changes for the upcoming Gtkmm API/ABI freeze, but a snowstorm in eastern Iowa has put me in a rush. Luckily, Murray and I were on the same page and most of the changes I had were already done by the time I could get out of the pile of snow we were under.

Unfortunately, since I’ve been concentrating on Gtkmm’s freeze, I’ve had to neglect Coaster. This isn’t all that bad because I’ve decided to hold off on releasing the next version of Coaster until next Tuesday because I’m going to depend on the frozen version of Gtkmm. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem since Coaster is still in development :). Once gtkmm hits 2.6, packages should be made. You can also use jhbuild to get it up and running.