German Fun

I have a daily calendar that has bits and pieces of Onion stories. Here’s the one from Monday:

What Are We Feeling That Would Be Better Expressed In German?

1. Dread of something inevitable yet benign:

2. The wish to see all suffer for the crimes of one:

3. Laughter at something one knows in one’s soul is not funny:

4. Shame over eating last piece of Black Forest cherry cake:

I can almost hear it…

This last week I started working on audio disc support in Coaster. It has been interesting trying to figure out the Gstreamer library and how to get it to interact well with Coaster without using a wrapping library (to save you guys the hassle of another binding dependency). So far, I have some test programs that read in the information I need; next thing to do is to get an audio store, layout, and view up and going.

Polypaudio? Please, not yet…

I tried out polypaudio a couple of days ago because Ubuntu is aparently switching to it. In general, it seems like a great concept, and I’ve heard great things about it, but I have this one problem: it dies with an assertion on ppc. It only seems to happen on PPC (x86 and amd64 both work fine) and I can’t seem to find a bug reporting tool for the project, so I don’t know where to file bugs upstream. I’d be more than happy to try this sound server out (anything is better than ESD :), but I’m afraid I can’t. Please, if this is going to be a replacement for ESD, it has to be programmed with cross-platform use in mind.

New job

So, I started my job at Master Packing yesterday (Monday). I actually enjoy doing the manual labor… much more than sitting in front of a terminal all day long listening to people give me incorrect instructions on how to access an AS400 file through FTP. My feet hurt (I’m not used to being on them all day), but other than that I like my job. One cool thing about working here is that the owner doesn’t care if I work on Coaster on my lunch break. He even lets me plug into the network here to check mail or even make releases (like I did this afternoon).

Skin changes… again

I just changed the skin of my site again. The navigation links on the side are no longer absolute positioned. I’ve also revised the Internet Explorer warning to be less obtrusive. I think it looks nicer and works better with my resume page (which I hope to get some content on).

State of my employment

So, as of today I am no longer jobless. I interviewed on Monday for a job at Master Packing for a job doing production type stuff and later on using my computer skills to help them out. Anyway, I’m really excited about this job. I start on Monday (bright and early).


Well, my brothers and I drove down to Iowa City last night for the Zao concert, but both Zao and The Agony Scene dropped off at the last minute. Turns out that the drummer for Zao has the flu really bad, and I would guess that’s what’s up with TAS as well. I talked with Zao’s manager and they said they’re going to try to work Iowa City into their next tour to make it up to us. Here’s hoping!

Please, if only for the kids…

I have introduced a warning on my web site. If you access this site using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you will encounter a warning above my floating head (which you wouldn’t be able to see anyway). Since I’m a programmer doing this on my own time, I can’t be responsible for making sure my web site appears correctly in non-standards-compliant browsers. I think the last straw was that the PNGs I use don’t show up in Internet Explorer. It’s a shame.

I know this has probably been pointed out, but I thought it would be a good idea to point it out here as well. Microsoft has stooped to a new low. Their UserAgent string is this: “MOZILLA/4.0 (COMPATIBLE; MSIE,6.0; WINDOWS NT 5.1;SV1)”. When I saw that, I couldn’t believe it. Anyway, if you haven’t already, download firefox! If for no other reason, do it for the children!

New Skin

I just set up a new skin for my blog and I’d like people to test it out. I know that the resume page doesn’t work right now, so don’t tell me about that ;). Any help is appreciated.