Please, if only for the kids…

I have introduced a warning on my web site. If you access this site using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you will encounter a warning above my floating head (which you wouldn’t be able to see anyway). Since I’m a programmer doing this on my own time, I can’t be responsible for making sure my web site appears correctly in non-standards-compliant browsers. I think the last straw was that the PNGs I use don’t show up in Internet Explorer. It’s a shame.

I know this has probably been pointed out, but I thought it would be a good idea to point it out here as well. Microsoft has stooped to a new low. Their UserAgent string is this: “MOZILLA/4.0 (COMPATIBLE; MSIE,6.0; WINDOWS NT 5.1;SV1)”. When I saw that, I couldn’t believe it. Anyway, if you haven’t already, download firefox! If for no other reason, do it for the children!

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  1. Is that IE useragent new? I thougt it always claimed to be Mozilla compatible, due to sites locking out IE in the days when Netscape was king.

  2. Yes, IE claims to be Mozilla compatible because sites used to block crappy browsers. And Microsoft just added that little line to get around it. They still can’t get away from MSIE though, so we can still filter out the trash browsers. 🙂

  3. heh you are amazingly stupid. the useragent thing is nothing new, and it was done only to keep backwards compatibility with netscape, when they released their own browser. There used to be a lot of sites that would lock you out if you were not using netscape, so there you go.

    And didn’t you just lose your job? Woudln’t you say it would be a good idea to fix your _RESUME_ link?

  4. Nice. Maybe the SpreadFirefox campaign should get behind more sites doing stuff like this. However, despite personally preferring Firefox, it might be good to list other suggestions as well, since the idea is to support standards, not necessarily one particular browser. In particular, many Mac users may prefer Safari.

    I wish I could drop support for IE, however business clients are not always so understanding.

    There’s actually a really ugly hack that you can use to display transparent PNGs in IE:

    I know Jakub (jimmac) gave in and used that on the icons section of his site.

  5. Your IE detection is not reliable, I’m not using IE and I see the message.<br>
    The _best_ way to do this is to use the fact that Microsoft, in all their wisdom, created something called <a href="…">Conditional Comments</a>. Thus you can create content that every sane browser will ignore as a comment but IE will render.<br><br>
    I do this on my web page so if you (understandably) don’t want to read the documentation about this absurd feature of IE then just <a href="">visit me</a> and view the source.<br><br>It’s quite simple and 100% reliable compared to other dodgy browser sniffing and your pages remain standard compliant and uncluttered

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