New job

So, I started my job at Master Packing yesterday (Monday). I actually enjoy doing the manual labor… much more than sitting in front of a terminal all day long listening to people give me incorrect instructions on how to access an AS400 file through FTP. My feet hurt (I’m not used to being on them all day), but other than that I like my job. One cool thing about working here is that the owner doesn’t care if I work on Coaster on my lunch break. He even lets me plug into the network here to check mail or even make releases (like I did this afternoon).

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  1. i’ve done heavy manual labor, its liberating for a while, a VERY SHORT while. the mouth-breathers you call coworkers will soon grate on you. also grating will be the thought that people who know much less about programming than you are making much more money than you with real benefits. but hey, its your life.

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