German Fun

I have a daily calendar that has bits and pieces of Onion stories. Here’s the one from Monday:

What Are We Feeling That Would Be Better Expressed In German?

1. Dread of something inevitable yet benign:

2. The wish to see all suffer for the crimes of one:

3. Laughter at something one knows in one’s soul is not funny:

4. Shame over eating last piece of Black Forest cherry cake:

5 Replies to “German Fun”

  1. none of these words make any sense in german. someone had a little fun with babelfish, it seems.

    eg, in number 4:
    – "black forest cherry cake" is translated wrong (correct: schwarzwälder kirschtorte)
    – shame is wrong (schame isn’t german)
    – miracle of miracles: they got "eating" right (essen).

    you can have fun with german composite words. this is not an example.

  2. This studd doesn’t really make any sense, does it? I try to translate back to englisch:

    1. Dreadinevitablefriendly
    2. Harmallmycrime
    3. Laughonweirdnotfunnieness
    4. Black?????eatcherrycake

    None of the initial english sentences can be expressed with a german word I think, so this isn’t really funny.

  3. an old example of how long german composite nouns can get is "Donaudampfschifffahrtskapitänsmützenknopf", which means "button on the cap of a steamboat captain on the danube"

    still not really funny, but at least correct.

  4. Though living in northern germany and being a native german, I even had problems understanding the nouns at first glance. So people shouldn’t take these words for german at all…Especially since the spelling is horrible…

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