Flash sucks

I knew there was a reason I don’t like Flash. I can’t create a South Park version of me in Linux on PowerPC without using MacOnLinux to emulate OSX. Macromedia still refuses to take one PowerPC machine that they develop their OSX plugin on and install Linux so they can compile the Flash player/plugin for Linux for all of us PowerPC Linux users. This just goes to show that we really need a truly free (as in freedom) Flash player/plugin.

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  1. Also libswf.sf.net. Gstreamer can reproduce some .swf animations! Flash may be ugly, but it’s open just like PDF is – you can download the specs from the macromedia site

  2. I really hate flash at all, and for the same reason. The other one being that Flash completely screw up the fondamuntals of www: media independence and hypertext navigation. I can’t search anything in a Flash.

  3. To hub: like pdf’s you mean? Flash isn’t that undocumented, just because something is a binary format doesn’t mean it’s worthless. A lot of web developers put text in gifs to get nicer looking fonts. That’s not very searchable either.

    Aside from that here’s some more links:
    (although gplflash will probably be more useful in the short term)

    http://www.mtasc.org/ – an actionscript2 compiler (at last) – no need for the flash environment any more!

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