As I wrote before, I’m at the Willow Creek Arts Conference… there are a couple of things I can’t do on their network:

  • IRC: this I can see why since they probably want their employees to focus on work
  • SSH: port 22 seems to be blocked which means I can’t port forward around the IRC block.
  • Update my time using NTP: it seems they block the incoming ntp packets… no clue why they do that…

Other than those anomalies, I’m thoroughly enjoying the conference!

Wow, it’s been a while

So, it’s been a long time and the last time I blogged I said I’d have a release of Coaster, but I don’t. I do have Coaster converting music files to wav… I just have to code in the actual burning. Hopefully I’ll get some time to do that this week. I’m on vacation at the Willow Creek Arts Conference (if any readers of the Planet are here at Willow this week, let me know… I’d love to meet you). I haven’t really been able to do much coding as of late because most of my time in my new position as Quality Assurance Manager. But, I’ve got a high speed internet connection at home now and hopefully a little more time here and there to work on Coaster. Anyway, my hope (and that’s a lot of hope) is to get the 0.1.5 release out by the end of June.