When did…

Just a couple of random questions that I’ve had over the last week:

  • When did they start showing reruns of primetime shows in the middle of a season? (My Name is Earl, The Office, Supernatural, etc.)
  • When did it become cool for guys to wear girls clothes? (I keep seeing it over and over on American Idol)

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  1. 1: Haven’t they always? A season is only 22-24 episodes, so that’s only 5-5.5 months of programming for an 8-9 month television season.

    2: At least two or three years ago. Especially girls’ jeans.

  2. 2 has been the case ever since all men’s clothes started being made for two markets: insanely fat people, and hip-hop fans who are not insanely fat but think it’s cool to wear XXXXXXXL clothes anyway. If you’re a guy who is anything short of obese and wants to wear clothes that _vaguely_ fit your body, you’re going to have trouble finding anything _not_ in the girls’ section that fits the requirements…

  3. 1. is probably from the TV writers’ strike in the late 80’s (early 90’s?). The season was short on episodes, and the ones at the start had already been filmed. So, repeats. Then the networks probably realized it was a good way to save money (especially with big-name actors’ salaries getting huge and production in general getting more costly).

    The successes of (broadcast) Fox and the growth of independent and cable episodic TV probably contributed to the pressure. Those also started “odd” scheduling, like shifted seasons and UK-like “series” (I think Fox was first to use the “summer season” to blow away the ratings of the big three broadcast networks, which typically had only ever run repeats during those months up to that point).

    None of this official, just what I remember as someone who grew up at a time when broadcast TV ruled, “a season” meant 30-plus episodes roughly during a school year, and the only break for repeats was in the summer when people were all (supposed to be) outside anyway.

  4. 1. That’s why I don’t watch many of the shows on public broadcasting… hmmm… Come to think of it? I don’t watch much of anything anymore. It all seems like one big rerun anymore.

    2. Shhhhh… No one ever said it was “cool”

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