Sad state of affairs

I saw a commercial last night for the American Red Cross urging people to give blood.  It would have been an alright commercial (aside from the poor acting which I’ve come to expect from all commercials), except they were urging people to give blood to save their own lives.  Are we so self absorbed that the Red Cross can’t even get us to give blood to possibly save someone else’s life?  Unbelieveable…

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  1. What is truly unbelievable are the reasons behind the shortage:

    I used to give blood, now I can’t because I’m from Europe. Hospitals used to be able to import European blood, but now they can’t. The result: Blood shortages and higher prices/profits for the Red Cross.

    In Europe where almost 100% of the blood supply is European, the rate of Mad Cow infections from tranfusions has been 0.00% for a number of years now.

  2. I refuse to give bloods on the grounds that

    a. I have never heard of anyone taking a dirt nap becasue the Red-Cross bank was empty
    b. They aren’t willing to pay me enough and this can certainly be solved more effeciently with simple economics

  3. Interesting post. I don’t normally comment on planet posts, but I couldn’t pass this one one considering I have had concerns on the issue. Let me qualify a bit by mentioning that I’m a system admin for a hospital and have for the past three years givin blood faithfully every eight weeks. I finally quit when the quality of the “volunteers” showing up became so poor it became a health concern. Only later did I realize our facility was getting a pint credit for every pint donated. That in turn made me wonder…what does a pint of blood cost? Well the quick answer is over $1000 US. Holy shit..for my freely donated blood!! I don’t feel bad about not donating anymore. I figure, if there were a true shortage the they would be paying people to donate. It all starts to sound like televangelistic money grubbing when you look at in certain a certain light.

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