Last night saw my wife’s and my first try at Capoeira.  The Capoeira Angola Palmares school down in Iowa City welcomed us and we started right in by learning to ginga (the basic capoeira move).  We also learned esquiva lateral (lateral escape) and (a trimmed down cartwheel).  After two hours, my legs were tired, my feet blistered, and my clothes drenched, but it was a blast.  We got to watch a roda and meet some really cool people.  All in all, it was a good night.  I can’t wait until next monday.

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  1. Hi Bryan!

    Will you be at guadec this time around? It would be very cool if we could arrange a little practice-session. It would be a nice chance for doing capoeira at the beach and vilanova looks like a good spot for this.

    Best regards…


  2. +1 to that! I’ve been doing Capoeira for about a year, it’s really good fun and growing rapidly. My only wish is that we absorb it into Western culture and replace the Portugese songs with something more modern … like breakbeat.

  3. @Mike: Hehe… I suggested that to some mestres too once, but they did not like that idea too much. Of course and to be honest… the genuine capoeira-music is pretty good and I would not want to replace it. There’s so much momentum coming from the songs! First, when you’re new to capoeira you can hardly grasp that. The understanding comes with time. Still I like breakbeats too 🙂

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