Why are they in charge? Part 2

To those that may not see the humor in my last post, let me spell out the absurdity of the email sent to me:

  1. My first email wasn’t about the anthrax scares, the war on terror, or anything related to national security. It was about a bill to restrict the use of the internet.
  2. The majority of the email sent to me in response to my email was about anthrax scares in which were carried out in postal mail delivered to representatives.
  3. Email cannot contain viruses, bacteria, or other biological threats (such as anthrax) that are harmful to the human body.
  4. The genius whose name is on this email is supposed to make decisions regarding the use of the internet, yet this email makes it seem like my email got caught in the “decontamination process”. I guess they have a more extensive spam-assassin/bogofilter/insert-spam-filterer-of-choice-here than we do (that’s a joke!).

If you don’t find it as absurd as I do, perhaps you’re one of the majority that voted this clown into office.

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  1. Sorry, Bryan, I missed that you’d sent an email. That’s wacky, but maybe someone in the office got mixed up about who they were replying to.

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    haha, I emailed you anthrax!

    Now you’re dead.

    (btw, your captcha really stinks. Half the time it’s actually impossible to read, and clicking the “new ID” button wipes out any of your comment you’ve already written).

  3. I don’t think the problem is just that people vote for those guys. It’s who can run for office in the first place.

    Generally, in elections you get to choose between two to six clueless people/platforms, out of which two or three have disproportionately great propaganda resources and so are always going to outclass the rest.

    With equal air time laws having been abolished, this problem is only getting worse in the US. So I find it hard to blame the voters.

  4. Hmm… Re-reading that email, it was clearly a form letter designed for responding to snail mail. I diagnose laziness: nobody in his office bothered to write two different form letters with different content for email and for snail mail. Either that or the mix-up that the first commenter suggested.

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