Flash sucks

I knew there was a reason I don’t like Flash. I can’t create a South Park version of me in Linux on PowerPC without using MacOnLinux to emulate OSX. Macromedia still refuses to take one PowerPC machine that they develop their OSX plugin on and install Linux so they can compile the Flash player/plugin for Linux for all of us PowerPC Linux users. This just goes to show that we really need a truly free (as in freedom) Flash player/plugin.

You’re getting very sleepy

Benjamin Herrenschmidt is the man. The week, he posted some patches to the debian-powerpc list for sleep on the Aluminum Powerbooks and iBook G4’s (basically, the new laptops with ATI cards). After 4 patches and relentless testing from eager users, I think he has it. There are only two flaws that I see: after resuming, sound is quieter than it was before sleep; and I woke my laptop up this morning and the screen had lines all over the place. The second one sounds like a sync issue on my lcd, but the sound issue is probably an ALSA issue. But the great thing is that my laptop now sleeps in Linux! Thanks Ben!

UPDATE: I think I figured out the LCD problem. I had my iBook on AC when I slept it, and when I resumed it, it was on battery power. I’ll talk to Ben this afternoon about it to see if that would affect it.

More Bluetooth…

As you probably know from my last few posts, I’ve been looking for Bluetooth stuff and I think I’ve found something really cool: a bluetooth print adapter to do wireless printing. I also saw this one from Anycom and this one from HP, but the IOGEAR adapter looks the most promising. If any of you out there have had any experience with these products, please let me know if I’m making a good or bad decision. Also, I’ve been looking for a bluetooth trackball (trackballs are way easier on my wrists), but to no avail. If I can’t find one, I’ll probably go with the Logitech MX 900 Bluetooth Mouse or the Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer for Bluetooth. Again, if anyone has had any experiences with either of these mice, please let me know which is the better of the two.

By the way, after talking with Edd Dumbill and reading some of Linux Unwired on O’Reilly’s Safari I’ve decided to get the D-Link DBT-120. It seems you can upgrade the firmware in it with OSX so it gets some new features that are useful in Linux. Sounds good to me. Plus, it’s endorsed by Edd Dumbill :).

UPDATE: I was parusing the D-Link site and came upon a print adapter. They also have some bluetooth speaker solutions here. which look pretty cool.


I’m looking to get into the Bluetooth craze, but my iBook is not equipped with Apple’s preconfigured Bluetooth module (and you can’t get it installed aftermarket, from what I can tell). So, I guess that leaves me with the option to get a Bluetooth USB dongle. I know Apple recommends the D-Link DBT-120 but I don’t find it aesthetically pleasing (because it doesn’t match my iBook at all). Does anyone else out there know of another Bluetooth USB dongle that will work in Linux and OS X?

benh is my hero

Ever since I bought my iBook, I have loved it. Of course, the first day I got it, I put Linux on it, but I left OSX on it as well. It was a good thing, because Linux didn’t work so well on such a new platform (the iBook G4 was extremely new when I bought it), but I was willing to wait. A few weeks later, a guide was posted online (don’t ask me where it was, I have no clue) about how to get the new iBooks to work with Linux and X and I quickly tried it. After compiling a new kernel and a new X (4.3.99), I had Gnome working on my iBook! There was only one big problem: when it was on battery power and the lid was closed for more than 5 minutes, the machine shut off. I tried every setting in Linux and OSX, but to no avail. Several others have reported the same behavior on the new Powerbook G4’s as well; at least I wasn’t alone. I asked about this problem to some ppc kernel developers, and Ben Herrenschmidt (benh) told me he was waiting for some specs from ATI on the video cards in the iBook G4’s. So, I waited…

But tonight, I signed onto IRC and asked benh if he had heard anything from ATI; he hadn’t, but he had something for me to try. I copied some special files from OSX over to Linux and ran a binary he emailed me (after stopping X) and a gray screen popped up for a second and the program exited fine. Success!!! This means we’re very close (hopefully) to getting the iBook to sleep. I’m so excited, it’s going to be hard to sleep….. zzzzzzz….