*mm woes

Gtkmm is shaping up nicely, except for one thing: ever since we have been working on getting sigc++2, glibmm, and gtkmm to compile with Sun’s Forte compiler and gcc 3.4, we’ve run into problem after problem. First, it was the latest gnome-vfsmm release not compiling against the latest glibmm release (2.3.7); I downgraded and it was fine. Now, gtkmm’s gtk-demo won’t compile; it dies with a really strange error and this error didn’t come up until we started messing with Forte and 3.4 compiling. I’m completely baffled and I hope Murray knows what to do.

On a lighter note, I’ve started porting Coaster to the new Gtk::Action and Gtk::UIManager API. It’s a very nice API and should add to the ease of development for the GNOME Desktop. In porting Coaster to Gtkmm 2.4, I’ve found that Bakery and Bakery_GnomeUI need to be ported to use the FileChooser and Bakery_GnomeUI needs to be ported to the new Toolbar API. Looks like I have my work cut out for me :).