Laundry night

That’s right, last night was laundry night, but really, for Coaster, it was all weekend. I cleaned up the icon changing stuff. I now have a program-wide Gtk::IconTheme and Gnome::UI::ThumbnailFactory which store Gdk::Pixbuf refptrs into a std::map for quick lookup. It actually works pretty slick. I’ll get it uploaded as soon as harshy gets our arch repo (which I screwed up) fixed. Hopefully that’ll be within the next few days.

Speaking of harshy, he uploaded new screenshots which were made of the latest Coaster using gtkmm 2.4.

The remainder of this week should be spent working on more fixups for Coaster’s GUI as well as finding a reception spot for my wedding in August and a hotel for that night. Finding a honeymoon suite in Omaha, NE online is harder than you think (or maybe I’m just looking in the wrong spots).