Damage Control…

Last night I played softball and got a cool oozing rasberry on my lower right leg. It was beautiful, but it hurt like no other. When I got home, my mom (yes, I live with my parents… it’s cheap!), God bless her, helped me get it all professionally wrapped and cleaned up (boy, it hurt getting all the little pieces of gravel out). This got me thinking: mom’s do a heck of a lot for us. Seeing as it’s mother’s day, I thought I’d write a little tribute to my supermom. Not only is she the resident nurse at my house, but she’s our counselor, our cook (except when dad grills out), and our chauffeur (my truck was broken yesterday, so she hauled my butt around). This is just a short list of all the things my mom does for us: basically, I’m saying THANKS MOM!


Since some of the hackers on the planet post what movies they’re watching, I thought I’d start posting the music that I’m listening to this week. I picked up the new Demon Hunter CD. It is definately a great buy. It follows up their first release quite nicely. My brother also told me to listen to Meshuggah which was definately a good suggestion. I should listen to him more often…


Ok, since it’s the hot topic, I thought I’d address it: Nicholas Petreley has written a wonderful piece of garbage that one of the editors of ArsTechnica has responded to. It’s a shame that Mr. Petreley needs to resort to ad hominem attacks on GNOME developers to make himself feel important and influential. I think most people that read this article will have my sentiments: they let anybody write anything on the internet.


We had a meeting on Sunday night which was very productive. Todd from the Optimystic development team dropped by and we had a great discussion on how we should reuse as much code in Optimystic in Coaster (and vice versa) as possible. I’ve taken a look at his backend code and it looks great! Each project has different goals (in terms of UI), but the backends should generally be the same. From the discussions we (harshy, darkfusion, and I) had with Todd and Derek (ManMower), it looks like everyone is on the same page with the libburn backend. I’m pumped to start getting this stuff moving :).

John Fleck

John, although I sometimes don’t agree with you on your global warming stuff (much like some people don’t agree with my views on things), I enjoy seeing what other people in the GNOME community are interested in and are doing. Please, don’t stop posting your blog entries because of one reader of the planet. As you can see from other posters, we don’t mind.