A week of experimentation

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog entry, but it’s been less time than it has been for Daniel Elstner. By the way, he’s back and helping with gtkmm again. It’s really nice to have a resident C++ guru helping with the design issues I’ve been having. Plus, he’s a really cool guy.


Coaster has been going through changes since my last blog entry. One huge thing that I really wanted to get done was an ellipsizing cell renderer. I used the routines from Rhythmbox’s ellipsizing label and inherited from Gtk::CellRendererText. I’ve also taken out the icon caching code because it was causing me headaches (it was slow and I didn’t want to put in idle calls or have to worry about context iterations). I’ve also redone some of the icons to match the default GNOME icon theme.


School sucks. I’m taking summer classes from my College and it’s not too fun. The only redeeming value to these classes is that they are only 6 weeks long, so I don’t have to sit through these classes for a whole semester.


John Fleck: have you ever heard of RAGBRAI? I know you’re into bike racing and all things bike, so I figured you might have heard of RAGBRAI. It’s the big bike thing here in Iowa.


The wedding is fast approaching. We’re now deciding on DJ’s, menus for the reception, and other little details like where we’re going to live after the Big Day. I’ve also been looking for an internship so my fiancée and I can buy food and pay for an apartment when we fianally get hitched.