Proof of Idiocy

I’ve spent the last 40 minutes hacking out (if you can even call it that) VBScript for a class I’m taking. I am thoroughly convinced that M$ is completely retarded now (not that I didn’t have my doubts before). I had to do some work with arrays and the declaration of arrays is one of the most horrid implementations I’ve ever seen. The first thing I noticed was that dim myArray(9) declares an array of 10 elements. It goes downhill from there and I won’t hurt anyone by subjecting them to that nonsense.


A strange, high-pitched whine has been coming from the backend of my truck ever since I drove home from Council Bluffs on Sunday so I woke up early this morning, hoping that if I got into the shop early enough, they would be able to loan me a car while they fixed my truck. I forgot that I needed to make an appointment for things of this nature (oil changes, tire rotations, and such don’t need appointments… it’s quite convenient). A mechanic and I took the truck for a spin and he told me it’s probably a rear diff or axle bearing that’s out. That sounds to me like it’ll be a lot of money in labor; something I don’t need with a wedding coming up. I drove the truck to school since they couldn’t get it in and hopefully they can fix it this afternoon. If not, I’ll need a loaner.


Can you believe it? It’s freaking halfway through June! This summer is going too fast (maybe that means I’m getting old…) and the wedding is approaching even faster. The only good thing about June going fast is that my birthday is at the end of the month (the 26th, I’ll be 22). Presents are welcome ;).


I think I’m getting closer to the initial release of the GUI of Coaster. The GUI doesn’t do much functionally (like burn CD’s), but I think I need to make a release to get feedback on the layout and HIG’ness of the interface. I’d also like to get some people working on translations. The next step (I think) is to get libburn behind the GUI. I’m going back and forth with myself (which produces interesting conversations at times…) whether or not to make a wrapper for libburn or if I should just throw the C behind my GUI. I’ve never written a wrapper for a non-GNOME project, so I don’t want to screw it up royally.


Yesterday I went in for an interview at Iowa Health System and got an internship. Hopefully, it works out that they hire me but if they don’t, at least I’ll have some experience under my belt. The only downfall is that they code in Java; maybe I can get them to change ;). Doubtful…