Update on Driving Rules

John Fleck: I agree that I shouldn’t speed, but I was trying to get to class. Yes, I know I should have left earlier, but I will accept the consequences if I get caught speeding. And no, I don’t think it’s my right to drive drunk; I think it’s retarded.

Also, I would like to update one of my rules. It was pointed out to me by one of the readers of my blog that rather than merge early, drivers should merge at the merge point. I had no clue what the merge point was, so I went searching. It brought me to a study done by the Minnesota Department of Transportation which states that in normal driving conditions, drivers should merge early, but when conditions are congested, drivers should merge at the merge point. I also found a study about merge control in rural areas from the Federal Highway Administration.

I’m still confused as to what the “merge point” is. If someone could explain it to me, I’ll put a condition in my earlier statement about merging. Thanks.