Back and hitched

I’m back from my week-long sabatical (i.e. wedding and honeymoon) and hacking away again. As soon as I get some pictures (the photographer is supposed to be sending us a CD with our wedding pictures on it), I’ll post them.


As you can see, I didn’t get a pre-release of Coaster out. I wanted to hit myself. I still haven’t gotten it to burn without crashing, but I’m working on it. Hopefully we’ll get a release out this century (but don’t hold your breath!).


September and I went to the Wisconsin Dells for our honeymoon. We stayed at Sunset Bay Resort which was very nice and close to a lot of attractions. A word of caution about the Dells: if something has a sweet advertisement but has no real description about what it is, don’t go to it. We got (ok, I got) sucked into going to 2 tourist traps that really sucked and cost a total of $50. September wasn’t pleased because I dragged her along.

Other than that, the trip was fun. We went to a drive-in movie (which I had never been to) and saw two movies for a total of $13.00. We saw The Bourne Supremacy and I, Robot which were both fairly good. It was cool because the sound was broadcast over an FM station the theater had set up.

Other Stuff

It’s really strange being back in town because I’m not living at my parent’s house anymore. September and I went over there to pick up my stereo and some other miscellaneous things and I realized I was visiting my parents for the first time. Very surreal.

I’ve been trying to figure out how I want to get high speed internet at the apartment. I’d like to do cable (because it’s simple), but I’m not sure how many other people around me have it. The other option (I think… I’m not sure how close the nearest POP is) is DSL, but I don’t think I can afford $30/month + an ISP subscription (however much that will be). Hopefully I don’t have a bunch of neighbors that have cable internet that suck up bandwidth so I can go with the cable solution.