Still Waiting

Well, it seems as if the libburn guys are either slow, on vacation, or dead (hopefully not). This means not much has gotten done on Coaster over the last few days, but that’s given me time to get things done in other areas.


After calling both companies (Mediacom and Com-Link ) about internet service, and have come to the conclusion that I will go with Com-Link’s DSL services which is about a total of $35/month rather than Mediacom’s $45/month cable internet services. But, I’ve also decided that I’m going to wait to get DSL until I can more easily afford it.


This week has been spent programming C# command line tools to interface Beyond FTP with our paging system. I actually found a bug in the Beyond FTP script compiler which has since been fixed for Beyond FTP SP2. The bug was that you couldn’t assign a variable a boolean value and then test it by itself in a conditional expression. Now, since I have that bug fixed, I have to go back to C# and probably redesign how I’m implementing this stuff. It’s all pretty boring, but it pays the bills.