More Bluetooth…

As you probably know from my last few posts, I’ve been looking for Bluetooth stuff and I think I’ve found something really cool: a bluetooth print adapter to do wireless printing. I also saw this one from Anycom and this one from HP, but the IOGEAR adapter looks the most promising. If any of you out there have had any experience with these products, please let me know if I’m making a good or bad decision. Also, I’ve been looking for a bluetooth trackball (trackballs are way easier on my wrists), but to no avail. If I can’t find one, I’ll probably go with the Logitech MX 900 Bluetooth Mouse or the Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer for Bluetooth. Again, if anyone has had any experiences with either of these mice, please let me know which is the better of the two.

By the way, after talking with Edd Dumbill and reading some of Linux Unwired on O’Reilly’s Safari I’ve decided to get the D-Link DBT-120. It seems you can upgrade the firmware in it with OSX so it gets some new features that are useful in Linux. Sounds good to me. Plus, it’s endorsed by Edd Dumbill :).

UPDATE: I was parusing the D-Link site and came upon a print adapter. They also have some bluetooth speaker solutions here. which look pretty cool.