Stuff ‘n things…


Well, Coaster is going through a rewrite (again). I’ve decided that I need different views for different document types (data/audio/video). This means I need to figure out how to pick which view to use depending on the document opened. It shouldn’t be too hard once I get it all mapped out.


Being married rawks… just so you know. In other news, we got two beta fish. (what happened to the alpha fish?) One kind of looks like a mermaid, so my wife named him Murray. So, no matter what Murray Cumming tells you, we didn’t name our fish after him. The other one looks like a Garter Snake, so my wife named him Garter. They’re pretty cool (we haven’t put their bowls next to each other, but I can’t wait to do that… they puff up really big when they think another beta is near them).


To reiterate what Link said: Work sucks. Yesterday, I spent the day giving rights to people’s calendars because my employer thinks it was a smart idea to switch from using Novell with the Groupwise full client to M$ Exchange with the Outlook Web Access client. Oh well, I got paid to do it, so I’m not complaining about that too much ;).