More baseball…

The other day I ranted about how I very greatly dislike (almost hate) the state of baseball with it’s “long ball” syndrome. Today I’d like to rant about someone that gets my blood boiling: Pete Rose.

For some reason, there are some people out there that think this man should be in the hall of fame. A man who bet on baseball when he was managing the game. I don’t deny he was a great player, but one bad decision can ruin your life; that one bad decision for Pete Rose was gambling on games he managed.

I think the thing that pisses me off more than anything is his attitude. Instead of getting behind other players that have been banned from baseball and banding together with them, he goes it alone because he’s Pete Rose. I think that if he wants any shot in getting into the hall of fame, he should get behind someone who’s stats show that he shouldn’t be banned: “Shoeless” Joe Jackson. If Rose wants in the hall of fame, he should show that his gambling was really a mistake and actually do something for someone else. Then I might think about giving him some thought (though, not much).

Until then, I won’t watch the Pete Rose movie on ESPN, nor will I buy his stupid book.

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