So, I took my iBook into the local Apple Authorized Service place and they were very cool. The only thing that isn’t cool is that my iBook is gone for 5-10 days. This does not make me happy :(. This means that Coaster development is stalled until I get my iBook back. Sorry guys! I do have everything backed up, so I’m not worried about the Coaster build directory. Thank goodness for tar over ssh :).

On a better note, I asked them about getting a Bluetooth card/chip and antenna put into my iBook aftermarket and they said they would see what they could do. The guy actually sounded hopeful that he could get one in. The biggest challenge for them will be getting the antenna, but maybe they’ll tell Apple that my antenna (which is non-existant) crapped out on me as well. If not, it won’t hurt for them to try.