You’re getting very sleepy

Benjamin Herrenschmidt is the man. The week, he posted some patches to the debian-powerpc list for sleep on the Aluminum Powerbooks and iBook G4’s (basically, the new laptops with ATI cards). After 4 patches and relentless testing from eager users, I think he has it. There are only two flaws that I see: after resuming, sound is quieter than it was before sleep; and I woke my laptop up this morning and the screen had lines all over the place. The second one sounds like a sync issue on my lcd, but the sound issue is probably an ALSA issue. But the great thing is that my laptop now sleeps in Linux! Thanks Ben!

UPDATE: I think I figured out the LCD problem. I had my iBook on AC when I slept it, and when I resumed it, it was on battery power. I’ll talk to Ben this afternoon about it to see if that would affect it.