API/ABI freeze turns into a snowstorm

I thought I had plenty of time to commit changes for the upcoming Gtkmm API/ABI freeze, but a snowstorm in eastern Iowa has put me in a rush. Luckily, Murray and I were on the same page and most of the changes I had were already done by the time I could get out of the pile of snow we were under.

Unfortunately, since I’ve been concentrating on Gtkmm’s freeze, I’ve had to neglect Coaster. This isn’t all that bad because I’ve decided to hold off on releasing the next version of Coaster until next Tuesday because I’m going to depend on the frozen version of Gtkmm. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem since Coaster is still in development :). Once gtkmm hits 2.6, packages should be made. You can also use jhbuild to get it up and running.