As Murray blogged about earlier, the API for all the *mm projects is frozen until the next release cycle. I think we got all of Glib and Gtk+ wrapped this time around and we fixed some things in Gconfmm (setting lists).

I have updated Coaster to use the new API such as Gtk::AboutDialog, Gtk::FileChooserButton, the ellipsize properties of labels and Gtk::CellRendererText’s, and I have created a history combobox (much like GnomeEntry) for the find dialog. This means that Coaster will depend on Gtkmm >= 2.5.5 and Gconfmm >= 2.9.2. I also updated my wrappers on nautilus-cd-burn to the new 2.9.4 API. I should have a release out by tomorrow, but, if you know my record on releases, don’t hold your breath :).