Oh the joy of technology

So, I was planning on releasing Coaster 0.1.5 either this weekend or next, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. My laptop’s hard drive seems to be dying (again). Whenever it starts to get a little hot (after about 45 minutes of being on), it starts to miss IO calls to it. It culminates into nothing working and the basic tools (like ls, ps, etc.) tell me there’s an IO error while the rest of my hard drive in inaccessible. After shutting it down and waiting for it to cool off, it works again. If I remember correctly, about this time last year my hard drive did this same thing. Maybe it’s the alignment of the moon or something. Luckily, I enrolled my laptop in AppleCare, so this should be covered. Now to back up everything on my hard drive to my desktop computer and hope it doesn’t heat up too much in the process… should be a blast. 😉