Why are they in charge?

I just received an email from one of my senators (Tom Harkin) in response to an action item I filled out and had sent via email from eff.org a month or so ago. Here it is:

Dear Bryan:

    <tt>Thank you for contacting me. I am always glad to hear from you.</tt>

    <tt>First, I would like to apologize for the delay in getting back to you. </tt><tt>As you may remember, in the fall of 2001, a letter containing a </tt><tt>substantial amount of anthrax was sent to Majority Leader Tom Daschle's </tt><tt>office in the Hart Senate Office Building, where my office is also </tt><tt>located. As a result of the contamination, several changes were made to </tt><tt>the mail process for the U.S. Senate. Upon the recommendation of public </tt><tt>safety officials, all mail arriving at Congressional Offices now goes </tt><tt>through a lengthy process of decontamination that includes extensive </tt><tt>scientific testing and irradiation. Unfortunately, this process can often </tt><tt>take weeks. While this is necessary to insure the safety of all those </tt><tt>handling the mail, it has caused a significant delay in my ability to </tt><tt>respond to your concerns.</tt>

    <tt>I want to emphasize how important it is to me that I keep in contact with </tt><tt>you, and I will always continue to reply to mail from Iowa. At the same </tt><tt>time, you may receive a more timely response from my office by </tt><tt>communicating through one of my phone numbers or through my website which </tt><tt>is listed below.</tt>

    <tt>Now allow me to address your concerns, I appreciate having the benefit of </tt><tt>your views and concerns regarding S.2426, the Cyber Safety for Kids Act. </tt><tt>Your input on this matter is helpful to me. As I examine this issue, I </tt><tt>will certainly give your views every consideration.</tt>

   <tt>Again, thanks for sharing your views with me. Please don't hesitate to </tt><tt>let me know how you feel on any issue that concerns you.</tt>


                                    <tt>Tom Harkin</tt>

                                    <tt>United States Senator</tt>

Please do not reply to this email. To contact me, please log on to my website at http://harkin.senate.gov/.

So, when was the last time someone sent anthrax via email? That would be an interesting trick. So, why are these guys making laws that affect technology and the communication of information when they and their aides (yes, I know that this was probably sent by an aide) don’t even know how this stuff works?

EDIT: I want to urge everyone reading this that hasn’t done so, go to http://action.eff.org/ and do as many of the action items that you can.  Let your congressperson know how you feel about your liberties!