Long Overdue

Well, my last blog entry was in December and my last real blog entry was in October. I think I’m pretty much long overdue for an update.


Not much has changed in my life. We’re currently attending Valley View Baptist Church. I know this may seem like a sudden change, but we left Antioch way back in May after a huge leadership debacle. Valley View seems to match up with what we believe and has a huge heart for ministering to those people that need Christ, rather than those who we would like in our church because they make us feel comfortable. Anyway, enough of that.

In more recent news, I have found Facebook. Most Web 2.0 sites out there that focus on “social networking” have really failed to pique my interest, but out of the many I have tried, Facebook makes the grade. If you haven’t tried it out, go on over and sign up. Once you’ve started, search for me, add me as a friend, and then start looking around for past friends, colleagues, and other people you might know from groups you’ve been involved with.


After almost 4 months of working for SitePen, I have decided I absolutely love working at home. I also love working for a company that is focused on the cutting edge of web development and isn’t bogged down with bureaucracy.


Capoeira has been going fairly well. December was hectic, so we didn’t get down to Iowa City much for classes, but we started going again in January. I haven’t learned too many new moves except for the saca rolha which is basically an aú into a corkscrew spin. The difference between the saca rolha and a regular corkscrew spin is that you use it when someone comes in for a cabeçada (a head-butt), you can do a saca rolha to bring the back of your head into their face. It’s a sweet little move :). Other than that, I’ve been learning a lot of sequences.