Through field and barbed wire

So last night, Asaph’s Apprentice drove down to Lamoine Christian Service Camp last night to play a show. It wouldn’t have been too much of a hassle, except that we got our directions from MapQuest (no link love for them… you’ll soon see why).

Here are the directions we used. Note directions #14 and #16. Right turns on CR-2800… easy enough. Or so we thought. The first turn onto CR-2800 goes through some guy’s field and ends up where the directions say it should. The second turn onto CR-2800 is a little more misleading. If you click on the map link for direction #16, it shows you a nice straight road… this is not what CR-2800 currently looks like. We ended up driving through another field and ended at a barbed wire fence. I wish we would have taken a picture… it was priceless. Thank you MapQuest.

Of course, Google Maps doesn’t get it any better and Rand McNally fails miserably as well. The only directions site that gives directions that don’t end up in the middle of nowhere (literally) is Yahoo! Maps. And their directions end up taking less time too.

What is it with these map sites? Why don’t they have a review feature? It ended up taking us an hour more to get to the camp because we had to backtrack out of the field (while bottoming out a couple of times) and then flagging down someone who’s first question to us was, “Are you guys looking for the camp?” If we hadn’t have planned to get there 2 hours early, we would have been late. And yes, I know that all of these map sites have their little disclaimer that says something to the effect of “if these directions suck and you end up in the middle of a field or lake or get eaten by cannibals it’s not our fault,” but seriously… it’d be nice to be able to get alternate routes from people that actually live in the place that you’re going to or have been there before.