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My current endeavors

Ok, so I said I would keep up with this blogging thing, but I’m not doing a very good job. It’s been over two months since I last blogged. What the heck is my problem? So here’s the run-down of what I’ve been doing: Work I’ve been steadily plugging away at Master Packing’s web site over the last two months. I’ve been trying to implement interactive features to some fairly boring things.


Man, I’ve been busy lately and haven’t had any time to work on Coaster. I haven’t even really had much time for anything other than work. Although I’ve had fun doing it, it’s been hectic. Most of my time lately has been spent working on converting Master Packing’s current website over to Django so we can quickly develop new applications and easily edit content. I’ve been very impressed with Django’s infrastructure and API, and I’m even more impressed with how the next version is shaping up to look like.


Once again, it’s been a while since I blogged so it’s time for the update :). Coaster So, I’ve kind of been slacking in this area lately. I finally got multiple row drag and drop implemented (thanks Aaron for your Banshee code which does this) and it works pretty well. Hopefully I can get some bugs worked out and get 0.1.5 release sometime soon. Work Over the summer, I was put in charge of my company’s web site which is where most of my time and energy went.

Catching up

So much has happened since I last blogged… I really need to get into the habit of writing more often. My wife had her 21st birthday. It was pretty uneventful. She hasn’t even had her first drink. She also made her own blog today. I’m so proud! Work has gotten pretty crazy. I am now the webmaster of the company’s website, which has been fun so far. Since this isn’t a hacker site where I can tell people to go stick it if it doesn’t render in Internet Explorer correctly, I’ve had to figure out how to get a valid site to work with IE.


Wow, so it’s been a while since I’ve done this. Let’s see if I remember how to do it :). Clear back on the 14th of July, I had to take my laptop in to have the hard drive replaced. It turns out that something was wrong with the logic board that was making my hard drives fry after a year of use. It only took a couple of days to get it back (the Apple dealer here had to send it in to Apple to get it fixed) and now my laptop is back in action.

Oh the joy of technology

So, I was planning on releasing Coaster 0.1.5 either this weekend or next, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. My laptop’s hard drive seems to be dying (again). Whenever it starts to get a little hot (after about 45 minutes of being on), it starts to miss IO calls to it. It culminates into nothing working and the basic tools (like ls, ps, etc.) tell me there’s an IO error while the rest of my hard drive in inaccessible.

Drivel and Coaster

I’ve hacked Drivel to work with the MovableType API (and I filed a bug as well) so hopefully I’ll be blogging more often. I continue to work on audio support in Coaster, so look for a release sometime in the next month!

Coaster site

The Coaster site is down. Sean forgot to renew our registrar stuff and the result is what you have now. For now, the Coaster tarball is located here. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I can almost hear it…

This last week I started working on audio disc support in Coaster. It has been interesting trying to figure out the Gstreamer library and how to get it to interact well with Coaster without using a wrapping library (to save you guys the hassle of another binding dependency). So far, I have some test programs that read in the information I need; next thing to do is to get an audio store, layout, and view up and going.

Not Quite The Universe and Everything

Version of Coaster is here. Here is what I have changed/fixed in this release: Changes: Added French translation (thanks Samuel Mutel). Updated libegg from CVS Head. Changed some labels to be more HIG compliant. Bug Fixes: Fixed crashes on amd64 (#165711).