Music Search 2

This worked so well last time, that I’m trying it again. Once again I’m on a search for music for my wedding, but this time we don’t have the music anywhere (like my fiancée’s laptop’s hard drive). Here is what we’re looking for:

* Groovy Kind of Love: my fiancée wants her bridesmaids to walk in to this, so she would like an instrumental version with a string quartet or something like that.

* Happy Together: the version from the Freaky Friday soundtrack. I know you GNOME hackers don’t want to admit that you have watched Freaky Friday, but I know there’s someone out there with that soundtrack or at least the Simple Plan version of it.

Thanks in advance for doing this. If worse comes to worst, we can buy the Freaky Friday soundtrack, but we don’t know where we would get an instrumental version of Groovy Kind of Love. Once again, my email is bryan at reigndropsfall dot net.

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