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We just booked our flight and hotel for the Dojo Developer Day on May 13 in Mountain View, CA. We’re flying into San Jose and staying at a hotel a ways from the airport. It should be a fun experience driving in California, since I’m used to driving out here in the sticks. My friend, Rick, who’s originally from LA thinks the traffic here in Iowa is nothing compared to LA and Seattle. This should be interesting :).

We found the hotel and plane tickets for a good enough price (thanks that we’re actually staying one day longer than we originally planned. We’ll be there from May 11 to May 15. I’m really looking forward to seeing the Pacific ocean and checking out some of the sights in San Francisco, Santa Clara, and San Jose. Any suggestions for where we should go? Are there any good art museums/galleries we should check out?  How about restaurants?  Anything we should steer clear of?

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  1. As a former Iowa Citian living in San Jose, I can state confidently that Iowa does not have traffic. If you drive from San Jose to Mountain View in the morning and back in the evening, most lanes on 101 will be stopped at times. But you said “we”; you won’t have much trouble. You can wave to the lone commuters as you speed by in the carpool lane.

    If you really want to see traffic, take 880 to Oakland and back. Any time of day, really.

    As for art museums, San Francisco MoMA is nice. I’m not a big modern art fan – my girlfriend dragged me there – but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Arrive on a full stomach; you can consider their restaurant’s high prices as a donation to the musem, but their portion sizes are nothing but a cruel joke.

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