Burning Coasters

Coaster development has started moving lately. harshy has just updated the site with screenshots of the GUI and how to download all the parts of Coaster (that don’t really do much right now).

Lately, my work has been on getting icon themes to work with the GUI of Coaster. It works, but it’s still too slow for my tastes. For the past few days, I’ve been planning out a mechanism that caches icon themes in a std::map for quick lookup based on mime-type. I know, I know… I should be focusing on getting session removing and other important things working, but this was too much fun :).

I still don’t have a release of libpanelappletmm ready. I think I’ll either get that out tonite or tomorrow (at the latest). Oh, and I’m on Planet GNOME now. It’s quite exciting.

Tonite will be spent babysitting (yeah, people let me watch their kids… it’s pretty scary), but hopefully I won’t be too wiped after that to finish that release. And for the record, I love September a ton!