1698 bulk emails

Wow, my old Yahoo! account gets bombarded. I guess that’s what happens when I don’t check it for about 2 months :).


I talked to harshy today and he’s going to make a pre-release of libcoaster-0.2. I’m really excited about this because it means Coaster is getting closer to an initial release. Now I have to adapt the treeview parsing from the document saving code to work with the libisofs library. I’m going to make some test cases today and hopefully be able to write the code to actually take a treeview representation of file structure and burn it to CD.


The U.S. Congress passed the resolution to call the atrocities in Darfur genocide. A UN Security Council resolution has been put forward as well.

Key Codes

One thing that kind of annoys me is that I can’t bind a key code to a certain type or symbol with a GUI application. Yes, I can go into the Keyboard Preferences capplet and select pre-defined layout preferences, but usually those don’t line up with what I want to do. Take, for instance, my iBook keyboard. I would like to make my apple key function as my “Compose” key. Xev reports it as Super_L (in other words, the left win key if I remember correctly) and both apple keys have the same key-code. So, I go into the keyboard preferences capplet to bind my apple key to “Compose” and I see a couple of options, but nothing for left-win. I know I can go into the xkb configurations and edit them along with an xml file for the descriptions that the capplet reads (I did this back on my gentoo configuration), but for the average user, this isn’t optimal. Is there a way to edit xkb configurations on a per-user basis? If there is, how hard would it be to make an option in the Keyboard Preferences capplet to add a new key symbol interpretation? Just a thought…

CLARIFICATION: I rewrote the above paragraph to make it more clear what I want to do. Sorry about the crappy terminology used in the previous version of that paragraph.